The Enemy Within

Session 8
Off to see the wizard!


The weeks rest while they wait for Gnoblar turns into two, after Gnoblar calls in a favour from Elvyra to have a word with the local Physician. After handing over some cold, hard gold, Gnoblar begins a weeks intensive training with the local doc while everyone else continues to take it easy on the barge.
Once Gnoblar completes his studies, he returns to the Jolly Nobber, loaded up with books to continue his academic pursuits. The crew get ready and begin to sail up the Wiessbruck canal and on to Altdorf.

When nearing the capital, Reni pulls Rowlocks to one side. On the side of the river, stuck to a tree next to a busy road, is a wanted poster and it looks like it’s got Rowlocks and Wandys face on it.
Rowlocks and Wandy dive under deck and Reni wants to know why 2 people, who look just like her new found friends, are wanted in connection with a murder of a noble. The guys explain the events from a few weeks ago, more or less as it happens and, although slightly puzzled Reni gives them the benefit of the doubt.

The Jolly Nobber continues its course into the metropolis when they see the river patrol heading their way.
Spooked by the posters, Wandy and Rowlocks head into the hold and hide amongst the sacks of wool.
The river sergeant shouts “standard inspection, prepare to board!” As Werner, Reni and Gnoblar try to look as inconspicuous as possible.
They are questioned about their cargo, destination and purpose, and after a series of stutters, pauses and general unconvincing statements from Gnoblar and Werner the river patrol sergeant orders the boat to be turned over.
Having stated that there was no one else on board the river patrol are amazed to find two dodgy looking characters hiding in the store rooms and they are quickly frog marched onto the deck.
During the garbled explanation Werner decides to send some the wierd gestures hes been experiencing towards the river patrol boss. The sergeant stares at Werner for a period of time.
“Right, what shall we do with them boss, they’re liars! Put em on our boat and impound the barge?”
The sergeant takes a moment..
“Come on lads, let’s not keep these good folk any longer weve wasted enough of their time.”
The river patrol subordinates all look confused, they look at the Wanted Rowlocks and Wandy, look at the sergeant.
“Sorry to keep you, enjoy Altdorf, get off the boat lads, weve got inspections to carry out!”
And with that, the sergeant forces the rest of the patrol off the barge, gives a little wave and they apologise and carry on their way.

Rowlocks and Wandy keep their heads down as they steer the barge into Altdorf and head to the short stay dock near the main plaza.
The bustling wharf is a hive of activity and as soon as they pull up they are approached by one of the riverside traders, Herr Hohenzoll who immediately enquires about their cargo. After an inspection, he offers to take their 75 sacks of wool for a nice tidy sum of 950 gold. Completely stunned at this amount, the group are taken aback! Gnoblar, at this point, begins to haggle and they finish at 1000 for the lot. The local labourers begin to unload the cargo as the gang split the cash and cant quite believe their luck!
Next – shopping!

Werner and Gnoblar head into the main shopping market with the intention of buying supplies with their new found wealth and also some shady hooded cloaks for Wandy and Rowlocks who remain hidden on the Nobber.
Gnoblar gets the medical tools, vials and beakers required for his new professions and some bits and bobs while Werner loads up on arrows, bolts and other supplies and they head back to the barge with the intent of leaving Altdorf as quickly as possible. They jump back on the Jolly Nobber, unload the supplies and they’re off once more, homeward bound.

The weathers not too bad and the gang sail quite happily towards Delberz taking the river Talabec out of Altdorf. Theres some general river traffic, the odd barge and fishing boat, occasional running.mage for herbs on the riverside, but generally it’s easy going.
About a day out of Delberz and just when mooring up for the night they are hailed by a small trader asking for a favour.
The guy doesnt have time to make his drops and he asks them to take a small crate to the pub in Delberz for a delivery, 25 gold now and 25 on delivery. The guys decide to help him out, take the crate and bid him farewell and settle down for the evening.

The next morning, as they head into Delberz they see their friend from the previous night. His boat is being ransacked by the river patrol, hes being questioned as he tries not to look at the Jolly Nobber as it breezes past.

They hook the boat up at the docks and without further ado, head with Wandy to go see his master Heironymous while Reni heads into town to get some bits.

The team approach Heironymous’ ramshackled house on the outskirts of town and find the gates swing open as they approach.
A knock at the door brings Hans-Peter Schiller (Heironymous’ other apprentice) to greet the visitors. He seems slightly surprised but not overjoyed to see Wandy return with his new friends. With a hint of begruding flavoured with jealousy he shows the party through to the master wizards study.
Heironymous is very happy to see his favourite student return with his new found mates and immediately gets Hans-Peter to bring drinks and snacks as he insists that Wandy tells him all about his adventures since he has been gone.

They smoke pipes, drink brandy as they tell all to Heironymous about all that has happened. The mutants, Kastor Leiberung, events in Altdorf, bounty hunter at Weissbruck, and Bogenhafen while the whole time Heironymous tinkers with a cuckoo clock. As soon as talk of demons and chaos moon occurs, he stops and listens intently, his expression of his face turns stern. They describe the events in great detail, all about Teugan, Gideon, the town and the rituals. They hand Heironymous the evidence they have collected and eventually give him the letter that Magirius gave them prior to his murder, which he studies closely.
It is from Etelka Herzen. The wizard knows of this woman, foul sorcerer, agent of chaos and dabbler in the dark arts. This is serious, she has enabled the events of Bogenhafen, and god knows what would have happened if the ritual had not been stopped by our heroes.
These are grave events, Heironymous is particularly disturbed by the movements of Morslieb the chaos moon, Etelka Herzen must be stopped.
Heironymous implores the group to go after her and see what she is doing and stop her, they have an address from the letter saying it was posted from Grissenwald, nearly 300 miles away up the mighty Reik river.
Discussions continue into the evening and they agree to seek out the doer of evil.

Over the next three weeks, Wandy trains intensively with his mentor honing his skills. Although he does find some of this tricky, he makes the grade and leaves Heironymous a fully fledged wizard, ready to head out into the world and seek more experience.
The guys also drop off the crate (without looking in it) they are to deliver to the local inn and collect their 25 gold for delivery.
Gnoblar and Werner spend the downtime at Werner’s mum and dads Inn in Mittlemund just outside Delberz, Reni and Elvis chill on the barge while Reni does some peddling while Rowlocks visits old friends and goes to his favourite local pubs. Werner also uses his carpentry skills to fix a secret wall section in the boat for sneaky storage purposes.

With everyone sorted, the boat in good form and loaded with supplies the party set off on their journey south, down the Reik towards Grissenwald to find that bitch Etelka.


They sail down the Talabec to Altdorf, head swiftly through the capital, but as they pass the main square they see a familiar face. Sat in a four seasons coach, ready to pull off is the guy with the book from the Coach and Horses from many weeks ago. He spots them, as they do him, he promptly buries his head in his book and bangs the side of the coach in an attempt to get the drivers to leave.

The Jolly Nobber and crew sail on, and take the mighty Reik river south out of Altdorf as it cuts through the Great Forest and Reikwald forest. Rowlocks is in his element in the command of a barge down one of the Empires most famous and biggest waterways. The Reik is longest river in the Old World stretching for 750 miles from its source in the Black Mountains to the sea at Marienburg. The Reik and its tributaries are the arteries of the empire, flowing through dark forests to link it’s great cities.

Traffic is light and the weather is cold and rainy as they spend a few days travelling south, but they do speak to the odd fisherman and traders about local news and rumours.

After a few days travel they pass Castle Reikguard one morning, the home of the crown prince Wolfgang, the emperors chosen heir. The castle looks foreboding on the cliffs as it bristles with bombards and the glints of light reflecting from suits or armor. The Jolly Nobber sails past as the party take in the scene.

Session ends

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Session 9
Where Aynjulls fear to tread


A cloudy spring day and the Jolly Nobber continues to sail south up the Reik. About 15 miles from Castle Reikguard the party sees an incongruous sight. Perched on top of a small hillock is a construction site. One of the Emperors new fangled signalling devices is being built on the ruins of an old looking base of a tower and dwarves can be seen working away on the surrounding scaffolding.
As the Nobber rounds the bend and they draw closer they can see two dwarves stood on the wharf waving and shouting, wanting a lift and waving a coin purse.
Wandy is keen to keep pushing on, but after a discussion they agree to pull over and see what’s happening.

They want a lift to the nearest city and they seem to in a hurry. Whilst negotiations are taking place, another red faced gasping dwarf comes running down the hill bollocking them and ordering them back to site.
He introduces himself as Aynjulls Isenbeard, hes obviously under a lot of stress and he’s got problems. The gang enquire about goings on and learn that his reputation as a master artisan is in jeapordy as half his crew has gone missing or they’ve been injured. He’s very keen to pay for assistance to help complete the project, especially when he learns of Werners carpentry skills.

A team meeting ensues and after some consideration, they agree to help, not before pressuring the desperate guy into paying a higher fee upon completion. They peruse the blueprints, Werner grabs his tools and off they go, although Reni explains it’s not really her line of work and she offers to stay on the boat and look after Elvis.

Rowlocks decides he wants a different perspective of events and goes to talk to the other engineers. They’re essentially besides themselves with worry about their missing comrades and clearly cant wait to get off the job.
Evening follows and decisions need to be made about where to sleep. For a while, the party cannot decide wether to sleep on the barge or stay in the tower with the dwarves and the decisions go back and forth. Rowlocks wants the mystery of the missing engineers solved and after a debate, they all agree to stay on site with the dwarves. Wandy casts some protection on the barge and explains to the others how draining the process of magic can be.

After a few pints and some storytelling everyone gets settled for the night. Rowlocks takes first watch and nothing happens. He swaps in for Werner after midnight, and the rest get some sleep.

During his shift, Werner sees the floor move and a silent trapdoor swings open. Before he knows what’s hit him a creepy, undead ghoul springs out and sets upon him, swinging wildly with his arms. Werner’s up and on his feet in no time and dodges the incoming blows, whilst shouting everyone to get up!

The dwarves awaken and begin to immediately panic. Wandy, Rowlocks and Gnoblar wake and take in the scene. Werner hits back with his trusty axe and the ghoul takes a couple of blows to the midriff, cutting him deep.
Rowlocks grabs his sword and comes at the creature from his right flank. Wandy runs to the trapdoor to try and close it but it wont budge! The terrified dwarves run out of the tower.

The beast once again swings a couple of attacks at Werner but he is able to manoeuvre out of the way. Rowlocks smashed the ghoul in the side of the head with his sword and he winces and shrieks!
The creature, knocked back and wounded sprints for the trapdoor, which slowly begins to close behind him.

Instinctively, without even thinking our heroes all scream, “quick!! After him!! GET DOWN THERE QUICK!!!” FUUCKKI

They drop into a small hallway, the trapdoor closes behind them and they stand in complete darkness.

Wandy sparks a magic flame in his palm and they see they are in some ancient, cobwebbed, dusty, structure, that looks like it hasnt been disturbed in centuries. It’s a bizarre build with disorienting perspectives, but they press forward.

Rowlocks tries the door in front of them. Locked.
He tries the door to his right, turns the handle, Wandys flamelight fills the gaps  and he steps into what appears to be an old study with desk, drawing board and chest.
In the middle of the room stands a most disgusting sight. A humanoid creature, decaying flesh dropping from his skull like face, turns to face Rowlocks and shambles towards him. The stench of death hits Rowlocks in the face, but hes not afraid.

He sprints straight towards the walking mess, swings his sword right into the zombie with an almighty crunch and drops it to the floor.
Everyone enters and they search round the room. They find some ancient maps, Wandy grabs an interesting astronomy based notebook and a funny looking staff and they look over the portraits of the strange people on the wall.

They gather at the most northerly door and Rowlocks opens it and stride forward into the semi darkness of an old library.
He freezes on the spot, overwhelmed with fear as three more walking corpses turn and lurch towards him. Wandy and Werner, keen to see what’s in front of Rowlocks, stand like statues petrified by sight of the undead.
Gnoblar is not scared of fucking dead things.
With his friends rooted to the spot, and the sight of impending doom, he thinks on his feet. He jumps into the room, grabs Rowlocks and drags him back into the study, slamming the door being him and holding the door.

Bursting through the door behind them comes the injured ghoul from earlier and hes accompanied by another rotting corpse.
Werner and Wandy are overcome with fear and rooted to the spot, they’ve never seen anything like it!
The ghoul and the zombie head straight for Werner and he takes a blow to the side. Gnoblar let’s go of the door and rushes to attack.
Rowlocks shakes himself awake and readies his grip on his sword.

The party are surrounded and with two of them being shit scared, things are looking sketchy.
Rowlocks takes a couple of hits, some of which is soaked up by his chain mail coat, but he’s wounded and fighting for his life.

Gnoblar does what he can and continues to stab at the enemies to the other flank. Werner takes more damage while he’s in a state of fear. The battles continues and is hard fought on all sides, Rowlocks is warmed up now and fells a couple of the zombies that came in through the library.

Gnoblar the battle medic sticks his sword into the arm of the nearest undead and drops him.

Wandy snaps out of it and considers his options. He runs out of the action, past the fray and back into the hallway they entered in, taking his flame with him. This plunges the room into darkness and Rowlocks fights on blind.

The wounded ghoul swipes at Gnoblar hits him in the arm, the wound bites and burns as Gnoblar feels his whole body enter a state of paralysis and he drops to the floor.

Rowlocks is in the pitch black fighting on all sides, Werner has never been so scared in all his life and cant pull himself together, Gnoblar is frozen and Wandy has left the room. Rowlocks is sweating now!

Then, as if by magic, Wandy, the bravest wizard in the Empire, runs back into the study and tries to use his magic flame to light the back of the ghouls jacket. It’s a ridiculous plan, with almost no chance of success!

BY SIGMAR!! He lands the almost impossible blow, the beast screeches in pain as the flames jump up his tinder dry jerkin!! He runs round in circles writhing and twisting.
As the room bursts into light Werner comes round, adjusts his axe grip and wades in crushing a zombies leg with a blow. As the tide of battle turns Rowlocks runs through the last remaining enemy and they stop and look round. That escalated quickly.

They look over their wounds and the carnage around them and notice the now smoking ghoul has a strange key like thing around his neck. A search of the other now dead again zombies reveals four more, slightly different keys.
Wandy magically locks the door behind them and they cautiously push forward into the ancient library by the light of Wandys flame. Werner picks up Gnoblar and carrys him along, with Rowlocks on point.

Theres nothing but hundreds of old books of all types and languages, and although Wandy would love to read them all, they decide now is not the time and crack on.

Without any deliberation, Rowlocks opens the door to what they believe to be the central chamber.
Inside they find a central core of what appears to be solid steel. Two metal poles protrude on either side of the large steel cylinder. The party concludes that they must have to push them. Gnoblar comes round.
Werner and Rowlocks get on either side and heave. The central part of the room does, indeed, begin to rotate until a previously unseen entrance is revealed to the inner chamber. Inside, glowing hexagram can be found on the floor and Rowlocks spots some tiny holes that are about the same size as the heads of the keys they have just found.
6 keyholes, 5 keys.
Not sure of where the other key might be they decide to open the only room they havnt yet been in.

Inside is an alchemists lab in which strange calculations have been scrawled over all surfaces. They turn the room over and Wandy claims a large leather bound book.

With no obvious way out or in, the wounded, traumatised party head back to the entrance hall.

To their surprise both the trapdoor and another concealed door open. Through the outer door they can see the Jolly Nobber, the dwarves and Reni at the wharf.

They meet at the wharf and the gang give Aynjulls and the other engineers a full debrief in the aftermath.
Aynjulls is relieved, the rest feel slightly better and they all get some rest.
They agree to help finish the building work and see out the next week on site whilst healing their wounds. They set up watches every night but no further attacks or mysterious disappearances occur.

At the end of the contract Aynjulls is overjoyed with the assistance of his new work mates and insists they look him up next time they are in Altdorf.
After what turned out to be a hard week of graft, the party wave goodbye to the dwarves, unhitch the Jolly Nobber and push off into the main current of the Reik.

session ends,

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Session 10
A Night of Blood


Following a hard weeks graft on the construction sight the gang are keen to get back to sailing up the Reik. The weather has taken a turn, dark clouds brood on the horizon and it’s been raining all morning.

Wandy’s in his cabin with Elvis flicking through his newly found book on astronomy and the erratic patterns of Morslieb, Gnoblar’s cramming hard on his medical studies and Reni is doing an inventory on her supplies. Rowlocks takes his usual place at the helm and Werner keeps him company on deck in the rain.

Shortly after lunchtime, the Jolly Nobber approaches a tight bend on the Reik and vision of the bend is obscured by the forest on either side. Before they know it a massive trade barge comes careering round the bend and its heading for the Nobber. Rowlocks takes in the river flow, trusts his instincts and pulls hard on the rudder. It’s close but his expertise allows him to swing the boat out of harms way. The big trader slows down, they exchange pleasentaries and continue on their way.

They continue up the Reik as the storm draws close, the rain intensifies and the wind picks up.

It’s nearly dusk. The storm catches up with the party and unleashes all its energy. Thunder booms, lightning cracks all over, the wind rages and the rain becomes torrential.
The party members downstairs are getting thrown about, Elvis whines whilst Rowlocks and Werner are battered by the storm on deck. To make it worse, ominous sounds can be heard from the forest along the banks, strangled baying and howls. Shapes flicker amongst the shadows. Rowlocks and Werner start to get a bad feeling about their current situation.
The river is raging, swollen and surging and Rowlocks is commanding the vessel with all of his skill.

It’s now dark and Rowlocks only has the dim moonlight and the lightning to navigate with. All of a sudden a massive lump of debris, a log from a fallen tree, speeds down the torrent heading straight for the Jolly Nobber. Rowlocks slams the boat to the side, avoiding the debris but losing control as the Reik takes over. He draws on all his experience and battles to regain the barge. Its heading for the bank as he just manages to pull her round.

The forest edges become even more foreboding, with beastial cries, shadows and movement. The river is out of control and the storm is furious. Decisions need to be made.
No one wants to get off the boat, what lurks in the forest? Fuck that, let’s sail on.

They press on, their lives essentially in Rowlock’s hands, but theres no better man for the job.
Just then, a vicious side wind catches the main sails and threatens to pull her over into the blackness of the Reik. There’s seconds before the plunge but Rowlock’s instincts kick in and he’s up and pulling down the sails before the boat tips. He and Werner manage to save the vessel and it’s back to the rudder for Rowlocks.

Half an hour of battling the ferocious storm in the dark and the swell on the river drags the boat threatening to smash it into the bank. Rowlocks loses control, Werner braces and shouts but at the last min the experienced boatman once again drags the barge away from danger by a sliver.

There’s no reprieve, if anything the rain gets worse – this cant go on..

Just then, the lightning seems to illuminate a building in the distance by the edge of the river. Focusing his eyes through the rain, Werner can just about make out some candle light in what appears to be windows.

They heads towards the silhouette, desperate for some sanctuary.
Theres a wharf next to a decrepit ferry and within a second Werner and Rowlocks are securing the Jolly Nobber to it as best they can. They head downstairs and rally the troops. No ones staying on the barge, they grab their cloaks, coats and weapons and jump off onto the wharf.

Just next to the wharf is a small building that Werner heads into. It’s been turned over and theres signs of a struggle, he finds a small purse and relieves it of its contents. Gnoblar follows a trail of blood that looks like someones been dragged out, but the trail goes cold in the rain and mud. They head towards a small side door in the 12 ft high wall. The door is open.

Now closer, they can tell it’s an inn – The Hooded Man.


Theres a selection of standard coaching inn type buildings but they decide to head straight for the main bar, lights and merriment can be heard from inside although the windows and doors are firmly locked, drawn and bolted.
Werner bangs on the door. The laughter stops, scraping sounds can be heard from inside but nothing happens. He bangs again.

The door unlocks and unbolts and slowly opens. A grotesquely fat blob of a man pulls open the door with a look of surprise. The party plea for shelter and he shows them into the bar. A man, dressed in a roadwarden’s uniform suspiciously eyes them as they enter and draws on his pipe.
“We don’t want any of you adventuring sort round here tonight,” says Otto the fat bastard. A big eyed individual thumps a mop around near the back of the bar.

The guys insist, and explain that the storm is raging and they simply seek shelter. Otto begrudgingly displays the worst customer service ever and goes to fetch them the drinks. Elvis shakes himself dry and further annoys the already annoyed landlord. The roadwarden wants to know what they’re doing here on such a night?

Werner calmly lies and explains that they are simple traders heading to Kemperbad. The roadwarden quizzes them about bandits in the area, they convince him they’re not bandits and Otto brings the drinks in dirty tankards.

“I suppose you want feeding too?” Says Otto and stomps off back towards the bar.
“I’ll have some stew!” Shouts Gnoblar – he likes his food. Some of the others are not sure about the current situation.

The storm was intense but the party feel far from relaxed. The roadwarden heads off through the back of the bar and the guys have a quiet chat.
It seems no ones hungry and suspicions are rife. Reni’s freaked out and doesnt like the place. The blood outside? None of it feels quite right.
They decide Gnoblar should head up to the bar and see if he can check out anything that’s going on. It’s a good idea and he overhears the conversation in the back.
“Dont panic Otto, they’re only travellers, Tzeentch will be pleased to have their souls as well.”

The roadwarden emerges and stares at Gnoblar, Gnoblar says he wants a drink and tries to look as much like hes innocently waiting at a bar as possible.

The evening continues and eventually they are shown upstairs to the dirtiest common room ever. They hear the door quietly lock.

The storms still battering the pub from the outside and everyone is a bit on edge. They decide to wait it out for a bit. Werner offers to take first watch, but no ones really sleeping. A while later, Werner hears footsteps outside the door and some goings on. He keeps listening.
Half hour or so later he can just perceive a strange, distant, discordant chanting. No one seems keen to leave the sanctity of the room. After a while, Werner has had enough, let’s go see. Seems the situation is getting steadily worse so they decide to do something about it.

Wandy rolls up his sleeves, closes his eyes and the tumblers in the lock turn. Let’s go.
Werner takes point (as always) and they head out into the corridor. They bypass the other top floor rooms as they are keen to get down stairs and closer to the chanting.

Down the stairs they creep, but the bar is empty and the sound is louder.
They head into the kitchen and notice a mop and bucket full of blood but nothing else. Rowlocks realises hes stood near a hatch to what must be the cellar. Down is always bad, so it must be down there.

They head down into the cellar and find the usual inn type stuff. They do notice a blood trail. Gnoblar follows the trail and finds a paving stone, a loose one, and they prise it up. The chanting is loud now and a ladder leads down into a very small room with an ajar door.
They pack into the room leaving Elvis above. Werner peeks into the next room and sees the source of the chanting. The “roadwarden”, the horrendously fat landlord, the guy with the eyes, another bloke in a cloak and there is some, what appears to be, tied up hostages,

Everyone steels themselves, Werner steps into the room.

The chanting reaches a raucous level and now he’s inside the room he can see what’s going on. The strangers are all hailing a large shimmering statue on a plinth.

Werner looks into the shifting void and the void stares back. The switching, shifting, colour changing, mutating swirl of symbols and shapes enters his mind. As the others pile in, the roadwarden plunges a knife into a bound victim at the front.

All hell breaks loose as the statue explodes into reality in the shape of a pink horror. With its head inside its chest and it’s long spindly, suckered arms, it screeches, twists and roars as it jumps straight at the roadwarden.

Werner, Rowlocks, Gnoblar and Reni are rooted to the spot in fear – but not Wandy. Wandy’s not fucking scared of demons.

The attention of the bad guys is the demon. Wandy bravely runs to the other side of the room and starts to untie one of the hostages. The roadwarden attacks the horror and the other bad guys move forward towards the demon.

Rowlocks snaps out of it, grabs his bow and heads to the steps at the back of the room to get a shot on the demon but its chaotic and they whistle past.
Gnoblar is next to pull himself together, he joins Rowlocks on the steps and fires his crossbow into the fray. Otto joins the roadwarden with the creature,  and big eyes heads to Wandy.
The demon slashes Otto across his midriff and blood and fat pour out. The roadwarden smashes the pink bastard in the arm and it reels.

The cloaked figure turns to Rowlocks and Gnoblar on the steps. He has no face and scraps of skin hang from his skull, the two archers loosen their grips on their weapons and are overcome with fear.

The released hostage is paralyzed with trauma and whimpers in the corner. Wandy takes in the scene. He focuses hard, draws back his arms and unleashes a blast of wind at the Roadwarden and the demon knocking them off balance and blowing dust and shit everywhere. Elvis barks.

The sounds of battle and screams of his friends pull Werner out of his trance and he springs to action. Sword and shield in hand he charges into the melee with his axe held high intent on bringing it down on the demons head. He’s in the mood for it and with two almighty axe attacks he cleaves the beast in two, smash!!! Hooray!!!

Instead of dying, the horror splits into two, blue smaller versions of itself. Fucks sake.

Wandy continues his wind power on the demons and the roadwarden. Otto slams his club into Werner crumpling through his armor. The roadwarden also swings his sword at Werner but the blow is absorbed by his shield.
The man with no face slices his long sword into Gnoblar with a massive hit, almost dropping him to his knees. Reni can’t move. Elvis stops barking

Big eyes battles his way towards Wandy fighting through the wind. Werner now has Otto, the roadwarden and the two demons surrounding him.

The imminent danger brings Gnoblar to life. Gnoblar hits out at no face and swings past him. Reni then rushes in, hysterically fighting through the tears and tries to stab him, but it’s a wild shot going wide.

Bulging eyes takes swing after swing at Wandy but he cant touch him through the wind blast vortex.
Werner makes a tactical choice and takes a few steps back narrowly avoiding slashes from the blue horrors and lashes out with his axe at Otto. Otto is waddling around clutches his already wounded stomach. Werner shows him no mercy as he launches his axe into the side of him with enough power to slice through the fat. Otto slumps to the floor oozing.

Rowlocks flicks into action, drops his bow and comes down the steps at skull faced man catching his leg.
The man with no face backhands Reni with his sword and knocks her to the floor and she’s not getting up. The roadwardens sword cuts into Werner, as Werner cuts down one of the demons.

Without warning, from the ladder where they came into the room, comes a hideous figure of a man with spider like legs with suckers on the end. He bursts into the room and goes straight at Rowlocks hitting him in the side.

The remaining demon battles it’s way towards Wandy whose being attacked by the man with big eyes. Wandy’s holding his flank with a mixture of wind power and luck.
Werner and the roadwarden are going toe to toe in a brutal clash of sword and axe.

The grotesque man with no face takes a look at the heavily wounded Gnoblar and drives his sword towards his neck! It’s definitely going to kill him when it’s almost fate itself steps in and at the last possible moment, no face stumbles, slips slightly, and the blade narrowly nicks Gnoblar’s neck. Shitting hell!

Rowlocks slices at spider boy and its wincy, wincy spider as he takes a blow to the torso. Werner and the roadwarden continue to battle it out in a exceptional display of hand to hand combat.

With the demon and goggle eyes at his feet, Wandy drops the tornado and heads to no face to slash him from the back.

With backs to the wall, Rowlocks surges forward and drops the spider with a flurry of blows.
Reni groans.
session ends

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Session 11
Money for nothing


Rowlocks surveys the scene and considereds his next move – there’s a lot to take in. The basement is carnage. Battles rage all round, bodies line the floor and the flagstones are slick with blood and mess.

Seeing Gnobar on his last legs going toe to toe with the horrific man with no actual face, he storms into the melee and lands a blow into the mutants side.
This gives Gnoblar his chance, his adversary is distracted as he turns to absorb the blow from Rowlocks. Gnoblar pulls back from danger and heads to the back of the room to start reloading his crossbow.

On the other side of the room, the roadwarden slams his weapon into Werner’s leg and the blade just manages to penetrate his armor causing a slight wound.

Wandy sees his opportunity, the guy with flesh dripping from his face has turned to fight Rowlocks, but hes stumbling all over. It’s a slim chance but he could finish him off! He readies his sword and charges him from behind.
KADOOSH! He manages to bury his sword between the mutants shoulder blades and he staggers forward and slumps to the ground – No Face Killer!!

The blue horror demon is in a frenzy and launches himself at the guy with the bulging eyes, he misses.

Goggle eyes has had enough, his mates are down, a demons on his case and things aren’t looking good. He tries to flee the demon, the demon swings as he runs but misses and big eyes runs behind Rowlocks up the steps.

Werner pulls an almighty swing of his axe at the roadwarden, it powers straight through his defences, through his leg amputating it immediately, the axe head carries on travelling due to Werners strength and goes up into his groin – he dies instantaneously of shock, trauma and blood loss and falls to the ground in pieces.

The demon looks round, he has a choice of targets, after a moment he runs snarling at Werner. He slashes him with his ridiculously long arms. Werner’s shield deflects some of the blow and his chain mail vest soaks up the rest.

Rowlocks turns to bulbous eyes to stop his escape and slashes him in the side, hes severely wounded.
Gnoblar fires his crossbow like he’s never shot one before and it completely misses everyone and everything.

Werner takes his blood stained axe to the advancing blue horror and takes a chunk out of him, but it’s still going.

Wandy, keen to enhance his kill streak, takes his sword and charges the demon. Miraculously, he yet again, makes contact with his blade. The demon swirls into a puff of smoke and leaves the dimension. Battle wizard.

Everyone is wounded, Gnoblar is heavily wounded and Reni is unconscious. All the bad guys are down except bug eyes.
He doesnt fancy his chances and is looking at the exit.

The party decide that they should interrogate him and before they can get any further he bolts to the door.

Rowlocks instinctively attacks as bug eyes tries to sidestep him. Before he knows it, he’s put his sword through his ribcage and he falls to the floor in bits. The rest of the party stare blankly at him for a second. He is no longer available for questioning.

It’s over. The place is a blood bath. Everyone takes stock.

Doc Gnoblar gets his medical bag out and starts bandaging and considers the surgical procedures required to sort out himself and Reni. He’s not been in the trade long and he can’t quite work it out.
Everyone else goes to untie the hostages.

There are four still tied up, and they are quickly freed but they are dopey, acting wierd and look terrified. They guy Wandy released earlier seems a but more with it but he’s still a gibbering mess.

The basement shrine isn’t the biggest of rooms, and there are now eleven dead bodies scattered around, body parts everywhere and large pools of blood – everyones keen to get out. Before they leave they search the place. They find a locked crate and small potion in a bag under a flagstone.

Unsure of what may be above, they carefully gather the hostages and creep their way back into the main pub.

They are relieved to find the place empty, everyone heads to the main lounge and begins to collapse onto the sofas and chairs. The wounded are laid down and everyone helps themselves to brandy. What a day this has been.

Gnoblar does his best to sort everyone’s wounds although its proving tricky. Wandy tries to magically unlock the box but he cant quite do it, he’s low on power.

After a while of rest, reflection and brandy the hostages start to come round. They have saved Thomas, whose inn this is, his wife, two servants and a coachman. Thomas and the others are extremely grateful. They definitely would not still be alive if it wasn’t for the intervention.

Everyone’s tired, wounded, traumatised, and generally fucked up. All the doors are checked and secured. The basement is locked and secured and everyone gets themselves a bed for the evening. The storm is still raging outside and everyone is quickly asleep. All except Werner, who sees flashbacks of the void from earlier, strange images, echo through his mind.

The next morning the sun breaks through and a hearty breakfast is served. Thomas explains that he doesn’t know what happened. The day before a bloke came in, the one whose now dressed as a roadwarden, and stayed for a few hours and had food and drinks. The next thing they knew is that they were tied up in the basement.
Thomas can’t thank them enough and reassures them that when the roadwardens come past tomorrow they will be able to explain everything and it will be fine.

The guys consider this prospect while they go check if the boats alright. The boats ok, and better still Elvis has found his way onto it. What next?
Being wanted in Aldorf and having general trust issues with the law, they decide that they definitely don’t want to be there when the roadwardens arrive tomorrow and they decide to go discuss this with Thomas.

Back in the bar, Reni is resting and everyone else is sitting quietly.
Wandy tries again to open the box and, seeing as he’s had a good sleep, the locking mechanism proves not to be a problem.

They open the box and it contains a substantial amount of cash, few hundred gold at least. Thomas, his wife and the coachman look wide eyed at the contents and the party quickly shut the box and decide that they earnt it.

Thomas does not like the new plan where the adventurers leave and he has to explain it to the roadwardens. How would he even explain it? It’s crazy, why not just stay and tell them what happened? Rowlocks tells him they are wanted men, they’ve saved the life of everyone here and the least they could do was not mention anything about them.

Thomas is beside himself, he doesn’t want to do it at all. Our heroes then decide that maybe he could be persuaded with some of the cash they just acquired. Haggling takes place, the gang take a bit of pity on him, and a sum is arranged and the plan is set.
Thomas, his wife and the others would do their best to make up a cover story and the guys would set sail on the Jolly Nobber long before the roadwardens are due.

The guys say their goodbyes, get packed up, grab Reni and head to the boat. While everyones clearing the barge of storm debris and making ready, Gnoblar wants to check the nearby forest for herbs and Werner goes with him.

On their way back from foraging, they both catch sight of a couple of shadows on the edge of their vision through the trees. They head back to the Jolly Nobber.
The lurking shadowy figures give the party a nervous edge and they spend the next hour or so searching the woods all around but to no avail.

It’s getting late in the afternoon now and the general consensus is – let’s get out of here. The Jolly Nobber is ship shape and they push back out onto the Reik and head towards Kemperbad.

They’ve had some heavy nights in the pub before but last night was something else. A day and a half of uneventful river travel is just what everyone needs and they relax, recoup and heal.

They arrive at the engineered cliff top trade town of Kemperbad and are pleased to be back to civilisation.
On the wharfside they witness the pomp and fanfare of the arrival of an imperial plenipotentiary.

Reni, whose still recovering, stays aboard with Elvis and the rest head up the lifts into town for beers, food, shopping and potential career changes.

Passing through the market, Werner, or should I say, Kastor, is pulled to the side by a shifty looking character and a warning is delivered. He needs to deliver or there will be consequences. This is all very confusing but he catches the others up and they crack on.

Shields are bought, armor is ordered, they browse the markets for some bits and Gnoblar hits the herbalist stall.

It’s a lovely spring day now, the town is bustling and for once the team is relaxed.

Werner decides he’s had enough of body guarding and heads to the city watch offices to see if there’s any bounties about. There is, a rogue creature is terrorising travellers east out of Kemperbad. Hmmm, bounty hunting, this might be right up his street…

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Session 12
Welcome to Grissenwald


It was a lovely summer’s day in Kemperbad market place as the guys strolled through the busy stalls.

Werner had just been to collect his first bounty in his newly chosen career, and with their first touch of civilisation and safety in a while, the party decide to relax and go to the pub.

Whilst pushing through the shoppers, Werner feels a quick tug on the back of his head and a sharp pain, and looks round quickly. He sees a figure in a purple cloak rapidly disappearing through the crowd as he notices a clump of his hair is missing.

He catches the others up and explains what happened. From this point on, they walk with Werner out in front with everyone else shadowing him a little way behind.

Inside the Hat and Drum the ale is flowing and everyone is enjoying themselves. They settle in for the evening, order food, a bottle of rum and listen to the singer.

Theres some rowdy and rude roadwardens in, and as the evening draws on, Werner is keen to have a word with them, but Rowlocks, Gnoblar and Wandy just want a nice relaxing night and gently tell him to leave it.

It’s getting late now and everyones pissed. The tensions mounting as the Roadwardens get obnoxious, but, in the spirit of ’we’ve all had a nice night let’s go home’, they order a take out bottle and stagger towards the lifts to take them to the boat.
Back at the boat they have a few more and Reni explains her aspirations of moving up the leagues from peddler. She mentions that maybe they could help her out with some investment cash. Negotiations take place and a deal is struck.

In the morning, the hangovers are in full swing as they plan for the day. Reni’s off into town to get some ‘bits’ and Gnoblar’s got to pick up his armor later on.

In town, everyones on full alert after Werner’s mysterious occurrences but nothing seems out of the ordinary.
All jobs get done and it’s back onto the Reik. Rowlocks takes the helm and they head south to Grissenwald.

The weathers good and the going fine. Aside from a few fishing boat and the odd trade barge it’s pretty quiet. Wandy takes to his cabin to study and Gnoblar gets pharmaceutical in his lab. Werner helps Rowlocks with the boat and Elvis suns himself on the deck.

In the distance, the guys on deck can hear a noise from upriver, of music and merriment. As they get closer, they see a passenger boat heading to Kemperbad and what looks to be a floating party heading their way. The shouting, chanting, swearing and bottle throwing don’t distract Rowlocks as he slowly realises that the large barge is heading straight at them.

Rowlocks once again draws on his sailing expertise and experience and expertly hauls the Jolly Nobber out of the path of the party boat and narrowly avoids a disastrous mid-Reik collision, phew.
The boat raucously continues its celebrations and the din slowly disappears into the distance.

The next day, the Nobber continues south and the sailing is still good.

As they continue, a large shape looms in the distance. As they draw near, Castle Wittgenstein sits ominously on a clifftop casting shadows over the river.
A little closer still, and they are approached by a boat with the crew waving frantically and looking spooked.
Rowlocks holds fast and they pull up alongside.

Gerhardt the captain, is flustered and immediately starts to explain that they should steer clear of the castle as it’s a place of great evil and strange goings on. He implores them to travel past on the far bank of the river. Curious as to why Gerhardt thinks this, they enquire as to what’s got him so flustered. He points to the tarpaulin bundle on on the deck of his boat and invites them to look themselves. No one is keen to have a look, but eventually Rowlocks jumps on to investigate himself.
He pulls back the tarpaulin and immediately begins to puke. The corpse underneath is bloated like a fish and has flesh hanging in threads all over. Its horrific. Gerhardt says that all manner of bodies have been seen floating downstream of the castle.
Eventually, Rowlocks stops being sick and reboards the Jolly Nobber, they thank Gerhardt for the warnings and continue to Grissenwald via the far bank.

The next day, the team arrive at the small fishing village of Grissenwald. They jump onto the wharf, Reni heads off to do some deals and everyone else heads to the closet tavern, The Catfish.

The inside of The Catfish is the opposite of the Hat and Drum in Kemperbad. Its quiet, the mood is solemn, the few farmers and fishermen inside look glum. They slide up to the bar and chat to the barman.

A couple of beers later and although they dont learn any direct information about Etelka, they do learn that a noble woman and a man passed through a few days ago. They also learn that the Black Peaks, the address on the letter that they have been searching for, is to the north and is named the Black Peaks because it has been a place that has provided coal to Grissenwald and the surrounding area for some time. Dwarves ran the mine until a few years ago they sold it to a woman. Since then they have been living in a shanty town outside of the village, getting drunk and causing trouble.
In the last week, some of the farms around the outskirts of town have been attacked, burnt to the ground and looted. This explains the low mood in town. Everyone in Grissenwald is more or less convinced the dwarves are behind it as they have been in town splashing cash about. The boys continue chatting and having a pint

A short while later the tavern door opens and in walk two dwarves. Clearly drunk and being obnoxious they take a seat  shout for ales and begin to pick on Gnoblar.
“There’s a dead halfling there look!”
“Oh he moved, he’s not dead.”
“We can soon fix that” and they laugh to themselves.
Werner is about ready for a fight and is nearly off his feet.
“What you fucking looking at you prick!” But before Werner stands the rest of the gang calm him and ask him to ignore them – they’ve only just arrived in town.
The innkeeper pleas for the dwarves to stop hassling the customers and takes them some complimentary beers.

The barracking continues and Werner’s fists are clenching.
“Why don’t you out-of-town cunts fuck off back where you came from.” And a big phlegm filled gosball lands a few feet away, and that’s it. Werner’s on his feet and striding to the dwarves table.

As one of them stands to meet him he bangs him straight onto his ass with his street fighting skills. The other stands, grabs a stool and smashes it into Werner’s side and we’re off.
Rowlocks is straight in there and punches the standing dwarf in the face, he retaliates with a stool leg. The downed dwarf is about to get up when he gets a boot from Gnoblar and Wandy cracks his staff round his head.
The innkeeper is screaming to stop, “my pub! My pub!”
Werner swings his fists wildly and misses and the dwarf on the floor stands up, grabs the whiskey bottle from the table and smashes it ready to get nasty.
The bar room brawl is in full swing with tables going over and people fighting everywhere.

At this point, Rowlocks, backed by Wandy, begins to de-escalate the situation.

“Whoah, whoah, whoah, whoah, hang on, hang on a min! We don’t need bloodshed today, let’s all calm down.”
The two parties stand swaying, looking at each other when the door bursts open.

“Right! Everyone stand down!!!” – it’s the town watch, four watchman and a sergeant. “Stop! Put down your tools!”
Everyone pauses and the two sides stare at each other.
“You fuckers go home! I’ve had about enough today already and it’s only dinnertime!!” The sergeant points to the dwarves. The begin to leave but they don’t leave quietly..
“You’re fucking dead you lot, fucking dead meat!” As the stumble aggressively to the door gesturing to the party.

“Good day officer,” begins Gnoblar, “just let me explain…”
The watch are sympathetic to the party, especially when backed by the innkeeper. The sergeant has had nothing but trouble with the dwarves recently and he looks tired. He urges the guys to keep their head down and pass through town to Nuln as quickly as possible seeing as they are ‘traders’ heading to ‘Nuln’.
The party continue to engage the sergeant and keep him talking being as friendly as possible. He explains the problems in the town and the burning of the farms in the last week – they offer to help. The guys can obviously handle themselves and at this point he will accept any help he can, being greatly overworked and understaffed.

They offer to look into the farms. They quickly piece together that the farms that have been looted are all the most northerly, and the Black Peaks are to the north so this might be in their interests. They decide to head to the most northenly farm to take a look and George, one of the watch  escorts them up. They say cheerio to the sarge, and off they go.
It’s another lovely summer’s afternoon when they arrive at BlackBerry farm. The residents are afraid and relieved that a party of adventurers have turned up and offering protection for the night.
The attacks happen at night, and with hours of daylight left, and after some milk and stew, they decide to head to the nearby farms and look at the destruction.

After some detective work at the nearby farms they find evidence of wolf tracks, small footprints and crudely made weapons – this is not the work of the dwarves as the town suspects.

With this is mind, they head back to BlackBerry farm and make preparations.
They overview the scene and the farmsteads buildings. With the help of the farm workers, trenches are dug, traps are set. Pits are covered and mutton is dangled over the top to draw in the wolves. Buckets of water are scattered about in case of fires and strategic positions are decided. Wandy will be in the farmhouse with the farmers. Werner and Rowlocks will be on foot hidden in the grounds and Gnoblar, with his infra vision, will be on top of the tower building with his crossbow.
They wait for nightfall.

At about 1am, in the woods to the north, baying of wolves can be heard. Fire from torches can be seen. Our heroes brace themselves as they draw near and begin to surround the farm. Eight goblin wolf riders approach. Within minutes they leap the palisade fence and breach the perimeter. Everyone steels themselves – it’s going to be a long night

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Session 13
The Battle at BlackBerry Farm


1am, BlackBerry Farm on the northern outskirts of Grissenwald.

In anticipation of the attack, spiked trenches and pits have been dug and water buckets are all around the farm.
Wandy is locked and bolted inside the farm kitchen with the farmer, his wife and the farm hands. Gnoblar sits on top of the tower with his crossbow loaded. Rowlocks hides in the shadows of a corner just outside the main farm building, elven bow in hand. Werner, axe and shield in hand stands outside the barn in the darkness.
Eight goblin wolf riders have breached the outer wall.

Everyone holds fast in the darkness, things are tense. The wolves bay and the goblins shriek and natter.

Rowlocks draws back his bow, it’s time. With the element of surprise on their side, our heroes attack! Rowlocks let’s one fly, it whistles past the wolf rider in front of him and buries itself in the palisade wall. Shit. He whips out another arrow and focuses. He let’s it go, it flies true and with expert marksmanship it cuts right into the torso of the great wolf opposite and drops it to the ground while the goblin falls into a heap.

Gnoblar aims his crossbow from the tower and bangs a bolt into the goblin below him, the goblin reels and looks round for his attacker to no avail.

Wandy begins to reassure the panicking farmers as they cower in corners of the house.

Werner, creeps round the edge of the barn into a corner, pulls back his powerful arm and let’s his axe fly into the twilight. It’s an amazing shot and it slams into the wolf just across from him and slices into its haunches.

The goblins shout and begin to create an even greater racket in their crude tongue, theres a slight element of panic in their tone. One heads straight to the barn and begins to set it alight. Another does the same to the stables.

There are two main gates leading into the farmyard and a goblin heads to each, the wolves yelp and the goblins scream as they fall directly into the spiked pits in front of the gates.
The remaining goblins make a beeline to the farmhouse and begin to hack at the outside doors with their weapons.

Rowlocks shoots again out of the darkness at the goblin trying to breach the kitchen door. It misses and the goblin turns to his position, within seconds both the goblin and the wolf are upon him.

Inside the farmhouse, Wandy begins to work his magic reinforcing the doors while the brave farmers try to hold the doors being forced open by the goblins. Gnoblar shoots again but hes not as lucky this time.

‘Rrraaaaaaghhhh!!’ Werner pulls his second axe from his belt, readies his shield and charges headlong into the goblins trying to torch the forge buildings. He swings wildly, overexcited by battle rage and the wolf rider evades his attacks, but the other goblins are looking round now hes given away his position.

Earlier, the team placed a massive pile of hay underneath Gnoblar’s tower, should he need a swift escape. The goblin closest to it realises this would make a great fire and within seconds its ablaze.

The barn, a big pile of hay, stables and to a lesser extent, the forge are now on fire. Smoke and flame now add to the already chaotic battle adding to the shouts of the goblins and the howling of the wolves.

A goblin fires across the yard at Werner but the arrow pings off his chain coat. Werner has drawn the attention of the goblins at the southern side, they stop burning things and charge at him.
He evades the wolf’s bite and a swing from a goblin, but a second goblin finds a chink in his armor and draws blood on his arm.

Rowlocks has dropped his bow, pulled out his sword and shield and goes toe to toe with a goblin and wolf at the farmhouse. He dodges the goblin attack but the wolf sinks its teeth into his arm.

Inside the farmhouse Wandy is frantically reinforcing doors and trying to calm the farmers. His magic is working and the goblin at the door is confused.

Gnoblar, now watching his escape route below him burn, grabs the water buckets and pours it down on the fire.

Rowlocks finds his stride and cuts down one of the goblins, knocking the wolf away with his shield.

From his lofty position, through the battlefield smoke, Gnoblar can just make out one of the goblins, who previously fell in the pit, has climbed out and is unbolting the gates!

Werner smashes away the foes infront of him but he’s unable to put them down. Gnoblar fires his crossbow in an attempt to stop the goblin trying to break into the farmhouse and it sinks into his back.

Before our heroes can react, both outer farm gates are cracked open and more goblins pour in from both sides! Those at the southern side charge straight for Werner, whose in danger of becoming overwhelmed.

The others, at the the northern side, half head for Rowlocks and half disappear round the door to the farms main hall.

Rowlocks fights hard drawing upon all his skill and his backs literally to the wall. He hacks down both goblins and wolves before more arrive, the floor around him is slick with blood and carcasses.

Werner, on the other side of the battlefield is surrounded as more and more goblins join the attack. Their crude weapons bounce off his shield and armor but a wolf slashes into his side with its fangs. He retaliates and his axe cleaves through one of the goblins almost slicing him in two and his second attack slays a great wolf.

Gnoblar can now hear noises and banging in the rooms below and his secure position is now looking dodgy.

Both Rowlocks and Werner are wounded and fighting for their lives. Rowlocks has less enemies to fight and a better tactical position in a corner. Werner, on the other hand is in the open farmyard, fighting on all sides. There’s so many goblins upon him that they can’t all get through to attack him.

Wandy has magically reinforced the farm kitchen doors and is trying his best to counsel the terrified farm workers!

Gnoblar now faces a dilemma. He can hear goblins below him and coming his way. He can stay and fight, or he can make the two story jump to the hay below. He looks over the parapet. He climbs up the edge and looks down into the smoky darkness.

The goblins makeshift armor is no match for Werner’s power and axe. The more he cuts down the more fill the gaps, his axe is covered in blood and bits of goblin.

Rowlocks is creating a pile of corpses around him as he battles on, it’s getting difficult to fight as he becomes more and more boxed in as goblins swarm towards him.

Gnoblar jumps. He sails through the smoky air, but it’s not the best timed jump. He half misses the soft hay and smashes his ankles down when he lands, reeling in pain.

For fucks sake. More goblins enter through the open gates. The party of battered adventurers start to think of what next.

Gnoblar pulls himself together, pulls out his sword and charges the goblin whose trying to break the door. Its goblins vs halfling in the battle of the century.

Werner is a raging storm, swinging his blood stained axe. He slices into the pelvis of the nearest goblin smashing him to the floor as the goblin begin to scream and shout.
Rowlocks cuts down another as more stream towards him.

As these two goblins fall at different sides of the farm, the mood begins to change. Shouts can be heard from outside the perimeter fence.

Both Rowlocks and Werner are injured, but the tide of battle isnt turning for the goblins. The piles of dead wolves and green skins are mounting and the morale starts to falter. A couple of the goblins break ranks and head for the gates. As they do, it sets off a chain reaction.
Within seconds the goblins are shouting and screaming and heading for the exits.

The relief is almost too much for our heroes and both Werner and Rowlocks begin to chase cutting down the stragglers as they flee.

In a display of melee prowess, Gnoblar slashes at the goblin he’s been fighting and buries his blade into his back.
“One for me!” He shouts!

Reluctant to chase the goblins any further into the darkness of the fields, Rowlocks and Werner bar the gates and take stock.

They both slump to the floor exhausted and inspect their wounds.
It’s over.

With the farmstead secure the farm hands race out of the house and begin to extinguish the flames.

In the aftermath, everyone retires to the farm kitchen and Gnoblar begins the healing process, although Rowlocks and Werners wounds seem too complex for him to sort out. With this in mind the send a couple of the farm hands back to town to bring the watch.

The farmer and his wife have tears in their eyes and they are overjoyed, they thank the party over and over, they truly are heroes, saving their lives and their livelihoods. Everyone rests and waits for the watch as the remaining farm workers pile up the bodies.

At first light, George, the watch sergeant and some others arrive. They can’t believe the carnage. They sit down over breakfast as the guys recount the events of the night. This is all a revelation for the town. Everyone was convinced it was the dwarves raiding the farms.
The evidence of the truth is piled onto a cart and everyone heads back to town waving the thankful farmers goodbye.

Once in Grissenwald, the watch head back to the barracks and the party heads to Khazid Slumbol, the dwarf shanty town, to break the good news to their leader Gorim Greathammer.

They arrive to a frosty reception. The dwarves from the pub the previous day are there and are pounding their fists into their palms. Taken aback by the news they avoid conflict and take the new arrivals to Gorim’s hut to speak to the boss.

Its smokey inside and everyone breaks into coughing fits.

Although initially ready to fight, the mood soon changes after the retelling of the events at BlackBerry farm. The adventurers now have some new best friends and Gorim and the dwarves are really happy that they have been exonerated. They have some tea and Gorim tells them about that ‘bitch’ Etelka and how she swindled them out of their mine and gold.

Our heroes explain that they are now about to take the fight to the goblins and head to the Black Peaks. Gorim agrees to send five if his best men and they sort out to meet at 4.30am tomorrow for the trek to the peaks.

Battered and knackered the party head back to the Jolly Nobber for some well earned downtime before tomorrow.

Back at the boat, they are warmly greeted by Elvis and Reni, who is sporting a new coat and hat. She is pleased to see them and is concerned about their wounds. Rum follows as she is regaled by tales of their heroics and disputes from Rowlocks and Werner about kill counts.

At 4 am the next day, they meet the dwarves and head through the forest towards the mine and the Black peaks.

About a mile or so from the mine they are greeted by a disturbing scene. A dwarf lays against a tree, his chest punctured by goblin arrows and the bodies of four dead goblins can be seen at his feet.

The miners quickly recognise him as Durak  a dwarf who left them a few days ago. Gnoblar is quickly to his side with his surgery tools in his hands. He removes the arrows and patches Durak up. Hes exceptionally grateful and has the strength to stand. He wishes them luck and makes the long walk back to Grissenwald.

A little while later, the fellowship reach the end of the track and the top of the Peaks. They see a large stone tower house and the entrance to the mine.

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Session 14
Goblins no maw


Dawn breaks over the Black Peaks and our group makes it’s way up a little track through the woods. It’s a beautiful summer’s morning, the birds sing and morning mist surrounds the hills.
Ahead lies the entrance to the mine and a large hexagonal stone house.

Decisions are made and the party decide to head into the house first. The dwarf miners are not too keen on the idea, they want to head to the mine, but they are assured that the mine will be cleared afterwards.

Being creatures of the night, the gang intend to hit the goblins while they rest and adopt a stealth approach, also at the disapproval of the dwarves who are keen to smash some greenskin skulls.

They approach the house. Werner takes point and gently pushes the front doors. They open. Through the corridor and into the main hallway he can see a goblin, asleep on a chair.

Rowlocks steps forward, “I’ve got this.”
He knocks an arrow into his elven bow and let’s fly. The arrow flies true, shoots directly down the hall and slams into the sleeping goblins chest. He slumps off the chair and onto the floor.

The party start to move into the building, “shhhhhhh!”
Werner turns the handle on the door to his immediate right and slowly pushes it open. It’s a bedroom, reasonably tidy, with a few furniture pieces and some small womans clothes. Everyone quietly shuffles in, gives the place a once over, and decide to move straight through to the door opposite.
The building is hexagonal with a circular central hall, so they figure that they will keep moving anti clockwise round the outer rooms of the ground floor to clear it first. Tactically, Wandy uses his magic lock spell to seal the door behind them to save any surprises from the back.

Still being surprisingly stealthy for a group of four adventurers and five dwarves, they move to the next door. Werner clicks it open.

Standing with her back to Werner is a halfling female who is washing up in what appears to be a miniature kitchen.
“Pssst, Gnoblar, come here.”

Gnoblar surveys the scene, nods to Werner and quietly enters, he calmly heads towards the halfling..
“Shhhhh, we mean no harm, we are here to help!”
The female halfling immediately turns and stands frozen to the spot with a look of surprise. Gnoblar continues to be reassuring and raises his hands to show he isn’t a threat.
She looks fearful, but takes a few steps towards him.
“What are you doing here?” She then sees Werner and the others through the doorway. “What is this?”
Gnoblar continues to calmly explain that they are here to destroy the goblins that have been plaguing Grissenwald. In turn, Dumpling explains that she is Etelka’s cook and she has been left here to take care of the place, but hates the goblins and hates Etelka for leaving her here with them. Shes been too afraid to leave and would love to escape, particularly if the goblins are going to be killed.
She’s very impressed to learn that Gnoblar is a physician and is warming to the party, and she is keen to leave the Black Peaks.

Gnoblar rinses Dumpling for all information he can. He learns the positions of the goblins and general layout of the house. He also learns that Etelka left recently after receiving a letter from a weasely looking man. She also tells him that about this time the wolves roam the nearby forest but they will return to the mine later.

Armed with this new intel, the party now have the edge on the sleeping goblin clan, who are already feeling battered from the failed raid.
They continue round the outside of the building going room to room. Through the dining room and reception area, all of which have been destroyed by the goblins and are covered in filth.

At the last large room, knowing the goblins are sleeping inside, they split into three groups and silently converge on the room through the main hall, store room and reception areas. Four goblins sleep in their dirty beds. Werner, Rowlocks and two of the dwarves tiptoe to stand next to the snoozing green skins.
1, 2, 3 SMASH! All weapons are brought down simultaneously and the sleeping goblins never stood a chance.

Before heading up the brightly lit mirrored staircase, they decide to open the last remaining door which was next to the entrance.
Werner pops it open. Its a disgusting closet that the goblins have used as a toilet. Inside are two bound and gagged humans, a man and a woman, who are frantically writhing around once they see Werner’s face.
The groups top negotiater Gnoblar once more steps in, calmly loosens the gag on the woman and implores her to shhhh.
Shes traumatised and beside herself.
They are captives, kidnapped from the goblins previous raids on the farms. Gnoblar replaces the gag as she cries and resists, he assures them that they will return and rescue them. As a precaution, Wandy steps into the closet, lays his hands on them and quietly puts them to sleep.

The squad make their way up the staircase to the second floor. Werner pushes open the door at the top of the stairs and walks quietly into a wrecked room. Benches and tables lay broken and smashed and there are black smoke stains around the area. The second floor echoes the layout of the first and they all stealthily step in and decide which of the rooms two doors to go through next.

As Wandy walks through the room, purple spores are released from mould under the benches and around the ceiling. He immediately starts to feel his power drain. He quickly runs back out into the corridor and covers his mouth trying his best to be quiet. The others look round, unaffected. Everyone comes back out to the landing.

They try the next door, which is locked, and it has clearly been attacked by the goblins trying to get in, but they have failed and it remains fast. Concluding that there won’t be a threat if the goblins haven’t managed to get it, they move round to the next door.

It was once a nice room which has again been wrecked by the goblins.

The adjoining room, according the Dumplings info, will contain the rest of the sleeping goblins.
She’s correct. In go a couple of the dwarves and Rowlocks and Werner, the goblins remain asleep.
Same as before, weapons are raised and in perfect synchronicity, they fall together, slaying the goblins in their sleep. With his back to the far door, Rowlocks hears a noise from the next room.

They know Gutbag, the leader of the goblins of the Twisted Maw, is in there.
Half the group head back out onto the landing to come in from a different side. After three, they bust open the door to Gutbag’s room.

They are greeted by a comical sight. A large armoured goblin stands on a bed. He wears a long red dress over his armor with a pretty tiara perched on top of his helmet. He gestures wildly towards the adventures muttering as he goes. When nothing happens, he shrugs, draws his sword and charges into combat!

He misses Werner with his attacks as Rowlocks takes a shot with his bow from the far side. There is a dwarf’s severed head stuck on a pole at the end of the bed and the dwarven miners are livid as they try to rush into the room.
Gnoblar pushes past Werner and takes a swing at Gutbag with his sword, but misses. Wandy stays at the door leading to the landing and keeps watch.
Werner swings a powerful axe blow towards Gutbag but he manages to dodge it. Rowlocks drops his bow and heads at Gutbags flank gashing him with his sword.

Things are not looking good for the leader of the Twisted Maw tribe. He’s surrounded and heavily outnumbered and his guards have all been murdered in his sleep. He tries to plead with the party in his broken common tongue but they’re having none of it. He backs away towards the corner slashing into Gnoblar’s right arm as he goes, causing him to wince. The enraged dwarves are trying to push into an attack position in the small room, but it’s difficult to get through.
Werner brings his axe sideways with great speed and it clangs off Gutbags shield. The return blow he is not ready for, and Werner’s axe slices clean through his neck. With an almighty chop, his head and diamond tiara roll across the rug on the floor.
“Raaaagggh, fucking dirty green scum!” the dwarves call out as they lay in a few boots and spit on Gutbag’s decapitated corpse.

They rifle through gutbags stuff taking anything of value. His shield is pretty impressive and Wandy walks over and takes a look. With his new magical sense, he can feel magic flowing round the metal. Under the crude goblin symbol painted on the front, a metal axe can be seen engraved onto the front. The miners confirm that is of dwarven craftsmanship and Werner claims a new shield for his armory.

With the key from Gutbag, they unlock the chest and retrieve all the goblins raid loot, which is quite substantial. Unsatisfied, Werner inspects the empty chest. Theres something else there but he can’t work out what to do. He passes it to Wandy, who, with his superior intelligence, also can’t work it out.
“Give it here,” says Gnoblar, but he can’t figure it out either. Finally, Rowlocks takes a look, turns a rivet at the bottom and a secret compartment pops out. He gives the academics a wink.
Inside is a few bits of jewelry and a ring bearing a red crown.

There’s one room left, the locked one. Happy that the house is goblin free they head back. The combined force of Werner and the dwarves allows them to take the door off and they enter.

It’s a study, complete with stuffed crocodiles and bears. In the corner is a bookcase and Wandy is straight over. He’s overjoyed to find a grimoire containing some new spells for him to study!

In the middle of the room lies a desk. They crack open the locked drawer and find some loot and more importantly, a letter.

This must be the letter that the man brought to Etelka before their departure the other day. In it, it states that Etelka and her companion have headed to the Barren Hills to retrieve ‘that which they seek’. When she gets it, she is to take it straight to Middenheim. Our heroes take the letter and all the loot and make a plan for the remaining goblins that are asleep in the mines. If they hurry, they can dispatch them before the wolves return from the forest.

With little resistance and their newly practised technique for slaying sleeping green skins, the party and the dwarves make short work of the goblins in the mine. The dwarves are happy that the place is empty, although it will need fixing up. Before they leave, Goblar uses some empty perfume bottles to take samples of the purple mould that drained Wandys magic.

The fellowship return to the house, retrieve Dumpling, Hanse and Gurda and collect all they can and begin the trek back down the track towards Grissenwald.

The Goblins of the Twisted Maw clan are slain and the tribe has been eradicated once and for all.

Back at Grissenwald they head straight for the dwarven shanty town to speak with Gorim and drop off the miners.
There is much celebration. Gorim is in debt to the party, much back patting and cheering ensues as the dwarves retell their tale of goblin slaughter. Gorim makes it clear that he owes the adventurers and the adventurers assure him that the mine and the house are all his, and to not worry about the wrath of Etelka, as they will be dealing with her when they get the chance.
“I do hope so, good luck friends,” bellows Gorim as the party of four and Dumpling head towards the town centre.

As they walk, they discuss the prospect of Dumpling coming to work for them as the boats cook. She is into the idea, although she is apprehensive of heading after Etelka, but she is reassured by the guys that she won’t have to see her, so she agrees and the Jolly Nobber has a new chef, which Reni will be pleased about!

Once in town, they are greeted by George and the rest of the watch who have been awaiting their return. The residents of Grissenwald are elated to hear of the goblins demise and everyone heads to the Catfish for some celebratory drinks.

Once inside, the place is packed and everyone is wowed when the heroes regale their tale of bravery and battle and how they slaughtered every last goblin that had been plaguing the town.

Spirits are high, rums all round and, for the first time in a long time, The Catfish is full of cheers and laughter.
Nathaniel, the village elder, thanks the party repeatedly and presents the heroes of Grissenwald with a hamper of all the locally sourced produce, of the finest quality, from the town and neighbouring farms.

Buoyant from praise, and feeling good, the guys wave goodbye to the folk of Grissenwald and make their way back to the Jolly Nobber.

As they approach they can see Reni sat on the deck having a cup of tea with someone. As they get closer, Elvis barks and they realise the stranger is Durak, the dwarf that Gnoblar saved outside the mine.

He greets them warmly and thanks Gnoblar, he owes him his life.
Without his medical expertise he surely would have perished. He explains that he has had enough of Grissenwald and wants to head out into the world, and if the party would have him, he would like to tag along.
Now that Dumpling has joined the crew there is one spare cabin aboard. Certain that he would be an asset, they invite him to join them and he once again thanks Gnoblar and goes to fetch his things.

Rowlocks heads downstairs on the barge to place the goblin loot inside the secret compartment that Werner built below. Whilst down there, Reni comes to see him. She asks if she could place something in the secret stash. Rowlocks wants details and she shows him a golden necklace set with an impressive emerald. He agrees and places it inside, along with the rest of the stuff.

As they prepare the boat for sail, the adventurers discuss their next move. They could head to the Barren Hills as they are hot on Etelkas heels or they could go straight to Middenheim and wait for her there. The conversation lasts for some time with decisions going too and fro. Eventually they decide that, seeing as they are not far behind, and that Werner’s bounty for the ogres head is on the way east out of Kemperbad, they would head to Kemperbad then take the river Stir east towards the Barren Hills.

They set sail back north up the Reik.

It’s a pleasant few days sailing in the summer sun and they encounter a few trade boats on the way. The crew get to know their new members. Dumpling cooks up some wonderful meals using the hamper and Durak does his best to help Rowlocks and Werner man the boat. Reni repairs and cleans the weapons and armor, Wandy and Gnoblar retire to their cabins to study and Elvis suns himself on the deck.

About a day out of Kemperbad, they are boarded by a river patrol boat who are looking for an escaped prisoner. After an initial tetchy few mins, and after they have explained that they are traders who have just sold all their sheep at Grissenwald, the inspection turns to pleasantries and the river patrol warn them of the village of Wittgendorf, which sits in the shadow of castle Wittgenstein, explaining that the village is full of inbreds and is best avoided.

They once again give the foreboding castle a wide birth and sail past to Kemperbad.

Certain not to stop in Kemperbad the hurry past the wharf area. As they do, they see hustle and bustle and people gathered and talking round the wharf. The point of interest seems to be the notices stuck to posts around the area. Rowlocks sails close and Wandy rips one off and hands it to Gnoblar.

He reads it to the group. The emperor has made a royal decree that all mutants should now be accepted into society and their persecution is now punishable by death. The party discuss the implications of these politics as the Jolly Nobber continues past the Kemperbad Wharf.

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Session 15
The Devil's Bowl


It’s a beautiful summer’s day on the Reik as the crew of the Jolly Nobber sail peacefully past Kemperbad heading east. Still chatting about the Emperor’s decree they head up to the lock that breaks the storming waters of the Stir.

After paying the fee and heading through the lock system they proceed through the gorge and enter the turbulent waters of the Stir.

This isn’t going to be the easy summer boating they’ve been used to as the Stir ploughs through the rocks with dangerous undercurrents and swirling eddies. Spray is everywhere and it’s difficult to navigate, but Rowlock’s has it all under control with the help of Durak and Werner.
Wandy heads to his cabin to pour over his tomes, although they are not currently making much sense, and Gnoblar goes to his lab to process some of his latest fungus.
Dumpling potters about tending to this and that and Reni is in her cabin.

Later that day, Durak stands on deck peering at the cliff tops.
“I have an uneasy feeling,” he states, “any of you guys feel like were being watched?”

Everyone has a look round, but nothing is apparent. The mood darkens, and so does the gorge as the mighty cliffs block out most of the sun and give the river an eerie twilight.

Another day passes and Rowlocks still manages to guide the barge through the torrent, and opts to take it steady.

Further along they spot a break in the gorge and a small landing jetty with a path that leads up to the gorge top and across a wooden bridge. This must be the place where an ogre is terrorising the travellers and merchants of the road, this is Werner’s bounty.

They have a chat and Gnoblar consults the various maps he has and suggests that we will probably be coming back this way from the Barren Hills, and we could hit the bounty on the way back and keep up the pursuit of Etelka. They agree this is probably a good shout and they don’t stop and continue east.

The River is a beast and Rowlocks looses control but he manages to bring her round before anything serious happens.

The Nobber passes by ancient megaliths the next day, Wandy tries to read the runes as they pass through but even he doesn’t understand the markings.

The next morning, the Stir shows no mercy and rips the barge to the rivers rocky edge as Rowlocks battles to hold her steady.
This time, it’s too much for his expert boating skills and he looses control. The boat is smashed sideways by the current and the hull hits some rocks. It’s all hands on deck and panic ensues. The rigging is down and threatens to snap the mast, the barge is adrift and Rowlocks shouts commands to Werner and Durak. If the rigging is not dealt with, in a matter of moments the mast will snap and the Jolly Nobber and crew will really be in the shit.

Werner is right up the mast and trying to pull the rigging but it’s too fiddly for his powerful hands. Durak is there too and heaves with all of his might, Rowlocks braces as it looks like the mast will break at any second, but with all of his skill, at the last second Durak manages to free the rigging and save the mast, phew! The lads then set about sorting the boat back out and have a quick rum to settle the nerves.

Further along the river, they spot a dead horse in the river amongst the rocks. Rowlock’s carefully brings the barge round and Werner jumps down to inspect. Amongst other ruined items they find a sealed parchment with the emblem of a red crown. They have seen this before but can’t quite remember where.

Gnoblar inspects the document and reveals a map. After further study, he matches up notes from his other maps and concludes that the marked areas are the Devil’s Bowl and after further work, realises that Dagmar’s observatory, which is marked on the map, is indeed the signal tower that they stopped at a while ago when they helped the dwarves. It seems the map is also identical to another map in  their possession but without some of the markings.
Everyone commends Gnoblar on his expert deduction skills, and they consider the coming events as they continue up the Stir.

The next day, the roar of the twin falls can be heard and the air fills with watery spray.
As they approach the mighty falls, a sheltered landing area can be seen to the left and there are two women mending a canoe. They pull over for a chat.

The ladies are friendly and pleasant, but they are concerned when Gnoblar tells them they are heading for the Barren Hills. They advise them to head to the village of Unterbaum nearby and speak to Corrobeth the druid as he would be able to help with such matters. They ask if the women have seen any other travellers pass by, but they have not.

As friendly as the villagers are, the crew opt to head up the elaborate series of locks that will take the boat up to the top of the falls, where the now know there is a pub.

They have a well deserved restful night in the Inn of the Roaring Falls, roast dinners and ales all round, and after a bit of small talk with the landlady, they keep themselves to themselves and enjoy some downtime.
The party plans to sleep on the barge and head to the village in the morning.

The next morning, Rowlocks, Wandy, Gnoblar and Reni plan to make the journey  to the village on foot, while Werner and Durak take to making repairs on the boat.

It’s a trek through the forest on foot to the village and after a few hours on the trail they arrive.
Unterbaum is a pleasant, simple, rural community set in a forest clearing. It’s a warm and welcoming place and the villagers make the visitors feel at home.
They meet Vorster the village elder and Corrobeth the village druid and head into Vorsters cabin for tea and welcomings.

They don’t get many visitors round this way and they are happy to meet the guys and offer them food, accommodation and whatever they require. The village is in need of iron for horseshoes and plough repairs but the party has none.

The conversation soon turns to the Barren Hills and both Vorster and Corrobeth don’t look as smiley and are now concerned and worried, and try to persuade the gang from heading that way.
Corrobeth tells the tale of the Devil’s Bowl and how the crater in the Barren Hills was created many years ago when Morrslieb, the chaos moon spat down a meteorite of pure evil, the land was blighted for decades to come and creatures poured from the bowl. The druids of old created s stone circle to hold back the tide and the whole area has been protected by druidic magic.

Despite this, the area remains a dark foreboding place where no one wishes to travel too. The party return information, talking of Etleka and her journey and how they have seen Morrslieb in all his glory during the events of Bogenhafen.
Corrobeth has heard of a fair haired woman, a dark haired man and party heading towards the Devil’s Bowl just yesterday and our heroes insist that they must go.

Corrobeth agrees to accompany the party to the crater as it would be nigh impossible to find otherwise and he doesn’t want anything to happen to the party.
They will canoe north the following morning and the guys head back to the falls and the barge.

They get their bits together for an expedition and Rowlocks, Werner, Wandy, Gnoblar and Durak get ready. Reni wants to head to the village for some peddling, while Dumpling and Elvis stay on the barge outside the safety of the Inn.

The party meet Corrobeth, jump in their canoes and head off north up toward the Barren Hills. It’s a four day journey and the landscape steadily grows creepier and less welcoming. They set watches at night and opt to not light any fires.

The air is deeply still, the land is devoid of wildlife and the trees are gnarled and warped into strange shapes. Even the grass seems to be alive. Everyone feels distinctly uneasy.

On the fourth day, they leave their canoes and trek on foot to the crater. No one likes the environment, Durak has a funny feeling and they can sense the evil surrounding the area.
Towards dusk they arrive at the Devils Bowl.

The crater is filled with sinister glowing water and the druids stone circle can clearly be seen around the perimeter of the lake. Corrobeth suggests they camp in ley of the stones where they will be safest.

It’s a tough nights sleep but everyone’s shattered from the journey. Rowlock’s takes watch and everyone gets their heads down. A couple of hours later, Rowlocks hands over to Werner and crawls into his bedding.

Werner shifts his gaze as the wind starts to pick up and he thinks he can make out a glowing figure approaching the camp. He starts to wake the others as the wind and dust whips into a frenzy and they cover their eyes.

Seconds later, it abates and in front of them is a mysterious ethereal figure, floating in front of them, torn and tattered, she has gaping wounds all over her ghostly form and deep sadness in her eyes.

She pleads, begs for the group to help her, to follow her and lay her to rest once and for all, long has she walked these hills. Corrobeth has never seen this before, and without further ado, they grab their weapons and follow the apparition west.

About a mile away she leads them to a cave entrance, concealed from the elements by humanoid tree stumps.

There, in the main chamber of the cave, is a shallow grave, poking with bones. The ghostly figure tells of her and her expeditions betrayal at the hand of Dagmar and pleas for a proper burial. Gnoblar quickly identifies Dagmar as the name on the map they found on the dead horse and connections are made. She also tells them that her companions are through the next chamber, which is blocked by a rock fall, and ‘that which they seek’.

She implores the party to find and destroy the meteorite, as it is a source of great evil.

They gather up the remains and bury the woman properly outside and Corrobeth says a few words.

Afterwards, they head back into the cavern to set about heading to the next chamber. While they do, they can hear squeaks and squeals from the entrance. They turn on their heels to be confronted with three heavily armoured man sized rat humanoids.

“The stone, the stone!!” The big one shouts, “where is the stone, give it to us!!”

Caught off guard, this is a surprising turn of events. Corrobeth looks at the party and they in turn look at each other.

“Erm, we don’t have the stone.”
“Give us the stone!”
“We do not have it!”
“Put weapons down!”

Things get tense, no ones sure what to do and the stand off continues.

“You know! Tell us of the stone!”
“A women took it, we don’t have it”
“Weapons down!”
“We can help you get it, it’s through here!” Werner points to the other tunnel through the cavern.
“The stone!”

The exchange carrys on for a few more minutes when suddenly, three more skaven appear from the small passage behind the party.

The chief skaven cackles and grits his teeth, rraaaaaaghhhh! With the party now surrounded, they charge with their weapons.

The lead skaven runs straight at Rowlocks. He swings his sword hard and it cuts deep into Rowlock’s arm, slicing through his mail sleeve and he let’s out a scream. His second sword swing just whistles past Rowlocks, but his third attack he is not expecting. The skaven’s tail lashes out from behind with its mace like end. Rowlocks tries to dodge and fails, he swings his sword to parry but misjudges the swing of the tail and the heavy end smashes into his skull.

Rowlock’s lights go out, he hits the floor with blood trickling from his ear.

“Here!” Shouts Gnoblar as he pulls out the letter to Etelka, “we know who has the stone!”

“Whoah, whoah, whoah,” yells Wandy as the gang attempt to parlay. The skaven are having none of it as they rush the party.

“Steel yourself friends!” Shouts Corrobeth, “be gone foul beasts” as he side steps and unleashes a powerful wind blast that knocks two of the skaven foot soldiers off guard.

Werner ignores the three that appeared from the back and charges straight at the skaven boss smashing into his side with his axe.
Durak stands fast as a rear guard to the three incoming skaven and protects Gnoblars rear.

Werner and the head skaven go toe to toe and the brute rains blows on Werner, but his sword clangs against his armor.

Gnoblar, seeing Rowlocks critically injured, drops to his knees alongside him and attempts to staunch his wounds.

Wandy follows Corrobeths lead, takes a few paces to his right and hits the three skaven at the back of the cave with a wind blast, knocking them off balance.
Corrobeth maintains his blast but the nearest skaven is getting close.

Werner counters the skavens attack, and skillfully brings his axe up cleaving into his arm, the big rat let’s out a squeal of pain.

One of the skaven heading to Corrobeth remains off balance but, the closest one breaks free and slashes into him with his weapon. Corrobeth stops casting and draws his sword. This releases the other one, who rushes him.

Another breaks free from Wandy’s blast and slams into Durak. The blade goes through his leather chest piece and wounds him.

The head skaven is wounded and continues to release a flurry of blows to break Werner’s defense, but Werner holds his ground.

Gnoblar takes in the current situation and satisfied that Rowlocks won’t bleed out he reaches for his crossbow and begins to load.

Wandy notices the Skaven at the back are breaking through his blast as two of them square up to Durak and stops his wind blast, re-adjusts his position and let’s them have another.

Werner breaks through the big skavens defense and smashes his axe across his chest, he’s now heavily wounded and Werner pushes forward.

Durak catches one of the nearby skaven with a blow and but is hit on the counter and he’s in bad shape.

Corrobeth faces two, he hits one with a solid blow, but he’s overpowered. He’s takes a slash to the arm, the other skaven attacks from the other side.

The big skaven misses Werner, as Werner gains the upper hand, he’s hit repeatedly but he shrugs off the weakness of the blows.

Gnoblar fires his crossbow and the bolt pings off into the cavern wall.

Wandy once again readjusts his wind blast and attempts to hold as many of the rats at bay as possible, catching a couple at the back of the cave.

Werner is raging, he brings forth his axe with all of his strength and slams it into the torso of the rat boss. The beast let’s out an almighty squeak and his lifeless body drops to the floor.

At the same time, Corrobeth is hit with a blow to the head and he goes down injured and unconscious.

Durak can’t find a way past the skavens shield, and as he extends his reach, the skaven swings his sword round, slices into his leg and drops him to the floor in pain.

Gnoblar quickly tries to reload his crossbow.

Now Durak is down, both him and Wandy are exposed, but the skaven at the back are continually knocked off balance by Wandy.

The two that have downed Corrobeth, turn to enter the fray and Werner goes straight for them. Their swords bang against Werner’s new magical shield and he brings his axe, which is already drenched in skaven blood, smashing into the side of one of the skaven, his follow up blow fells the creature, Werner is on a roll!

From what was once a desperate situation, the scales are tipping into the party’s favour. With their leader down, and their numbers dwindling due to Werner’s battle prowess and Wandy’s crowd control, the skaven begin to panic.

Gnoblar fires another crossbow bolt into the wall.

Werner drops the other skaven near him, the others begin to retreat, fighting their way backwards through Wandy’s wind blast. Wandy sees Werner turn and head to the remaining skaven and drops his blast so he can get through.

Werner is unstoppable as the skaven that turns to face him, is hacked to pieces with more mighty blows.
The remaining two skaven see their morale falter and are heading for the exit, Werner cuts one down in the back but the other manages to sprint out of the cave and into the darkness.

That was intense, everyone takes stock of the scenario. The cavern is now littered with body parts, skaven carcasses and blood. Rowlocks, Corrobeth and Durak are critically injured and Doc Gnoblar needs to get to work.

Unhappy that they are still in a vulnerable position they bring their wounded friends to the back of the cave near the rock wall. Gnoblar gets his tools out and Wandy and Werner stand nervously in the middle, guarding the exits and peering into the darkness.

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Session 16
That which they seek


It’s a grim scene.

Werner and Wandy stand in the middle of the cave, which is dimly lit by the odd beams of moonlight seeping through cracks in the roof from Morrslieb. Bodies, entrails, blood and guts cover most of the floor and the carcasses and body parts from the battle with the skaven litter the room.
Gnoblar is looking over the wounded. Corrobeth and Durak will probably be ok with some care and attention, but Rowlocks needs surgery and this is far from an ideal place to carry it out.

The conscious members of the party try to thrash out the best possible course of action.
Stay here? But one of the skaven escaped, who knows what might happen. Carry the wounded back to camp? Too far, too risky. Operate here in the blood soaked cave? Definitely last resort.

Eventually, they decide to try and remove the rock fall that’s blocking the entrance to the next part of the cave – maybe it will be a better environment?
Gnoblar needs torchlight to operate and the further in the cave they go the less the torchlight will be seen from outside.

Strange crashes and bangs can be heard out near the crater, and scratches and scrapes are coming from behind the rocks. They deduce that it must be the ghost’s companions that were murdered by Dagmar, but with the cave being sealed for what looks like hundreds of years, they’re anticipating problems when they meet them.

Gnoblar gets Corrobeth on his feet and explains what happened while Werner and Wandy shift the rocks. Corrobeth tries to heal Durak but he can’t do it. Doc Gnoblar steps in and uses his skills to tend to Durak’s wounds.

A little while later, everyone is on their feet moving rocks and boulders while Gnoblar watches over Rowlocks, he’s stable, but in a bad way.

A couple of hours and they’re making a break through. They can shift a massive rock that will give them enough space to get a man through, but caution is required, and they opt to make a small hole first to see what’s inside.

Behind the hole is darkness and a cool ancient wind blows over the group.

As Werner steps up to peek into the hole, deciding wether or not to push a torch through, a skeletal hand launches through the gap at him, behind the hole can be heard the wheezing pleas of ‘killllllll meeee’.

Right. With most of the party up on their feet they decide to heave the large stone to create a hole big enough for the skeleton to get through, and let Werner smash the skeleton to bits.

The rock is grabbed, they pull it to the side and Werner steps up, but the skeleton is straight through the hole and lunges with his sword directly at Werner’s torso.
It’s a good hit and it pierces through his chain mail, wounding him and causing him to wince.

Werner’s axe comes raining down and nearly breaks the skeletons femur. No one else can really get through and Werner stands his ground.
The undead’s sword rattles against Werner’s magical shield and Werner strikes back with two mighty blows and the skeleton is smashed to dust, eerily giving thanks as he crumbles.

Werner steps into the darkness and is immediately set upon by three more.
Werner has found his stride, and doing what he does best. He soon makes short work of the long dead members of Dagmars expedition.

The others edge in and as more torchlight fills the cavern they can see remains and debris of the long, forgotten companions.

Werner searches through and finds yet another map, more or less the same as the other two they have, with Dagmar’s observatory clearly labelled. There’s also a stash of gold, a silver flask containing a mystery red liquid, and a hexagonal key.

They quickly realise it’s the final key to the locked room at the bottom of the signal tower.

Gnoblar surveys the scene, they have little choice, he’s going to have to conduct surgery on Rowlocks here. This cave isn’t ideal either, but at least it’s not covered in dead skaven.

The clear some space, set Rowlocks down and Gnoblar gets his tools from his backpack and begins to prepare. Torches are placed around and the others stand guard at the back, apart from Wandy who stands by to watch.

Things are tense. It’s going to be a long two hours. Gnoblar sets to work.

As the operation draws to a close, beads of sweat drip down Gnoblar’s face. He’s never done a medical procedure of this gravity before and it’s not going as well as he had hoped.
Rowlock’s begins to shift and convulse, his eyes roll…“were losing him!!”

“Nooooo!!” Shouts Wandy, the others come to see, and watch the last of Rowlock’s life force drain from his body.
In the chaos, someone shouts to give him the liquid the just found in the silver flask. What if it harms him? He’s going to die anyway!

Split second decisions are made, the flask is uncorked and the mysterious liquid is poured down Rowlock’s throat.
They all stand back and look at his lifeless body.

Those next few seconds feel like an eternity, but wait, what’s that?

Rowlock’s cheeks begin to flush with colour, his eyes flicker, his limbs move, everyone holds their breath and looks at each other.
His head wound begins to rapidly heal over, he lifts his head.

“By the gods!! A healing potion!!!!” No one can quite believe what they just witnessed. Within minutes Rowlocks is on his feet and asking what the fuck happened.

Backs are patted, hugs are recieved and sighs of relief are deep. Wow.

They collectively and simultaneously decide that they have had enough of the Barren Hills and they can’t wait to get out of here now they have the final key.

Where is Etelka? They’ve followed her all the way here. Where is the meteorite? There’s no sign of either and the Devil’s Bowl feels far from safe. Let’s go.

Back to camp, couple of hours rest and then back to civilisation.

The journey back to the canoes and on to Unterbaum is a solemn one. Everyone’s pretty quiet, no fires are lit and watches are set at night. The overbearing feeling that they are being watched is making for some uneasy travelling.

Three days later the bedraggled, wounded party walk through the clearing to the welcoming sight of Unterbaum.

The villagers greet them and they are quickly escorted to Vorster’s cabin where he has been awaiting their return.
They have tea and Vorster and the other villagers are transfixed as Corrobeth retells the events of the past week.

These are dark times and Corrobeth and Vorster thank everyone for their efforts in the fight against chaos – brave heroes indeed. If the meteorite is out there, it must be dealt with, a lump of pure evil and power.

Despite the hospitality and kindness of the people of Unterbaum, the crew are keen to push on back to the barge.
They take a small hamper of supplies, freshen up and then set off to the inn of the Roaring Falls.

The noise of the falls is a happy sound, as the inn and then the Jolly Nobber comes into view.
It’s good to be home and Elvis, Reni and Dumpling were starting to get worried.

Time is of the essence and a plan is made. Now they have all keys, they must head to Dagmar’s observatory. But first stop, Kemperbad, to get some armor and bits and bobs.

At first light they begin to make the journey back down the Stir. The late summer sun disappears from view as they re-enter the gorge and the river is as raucous as ever.

Rowlocks is struggling, despite the efforts of Werner and Durak and the journey is slowed and he has to fight the currents as they head down stream.

The next day is no better as the river continues to throw the barge around. After lunch they enter some rapids. It’s a good effort, but Rowlocks can’t hold her and a protruding rock cracks into the hull causing some minor damage.

A day later and they are nearly at the crossing where Werner is after his ogre bounty. Before they approach a silent undercurrent swings the barge violently in a circle. Rowlocks loses the rudder and is banged to the side, if it wasn’t for his lightning quick reactions he would be in the river for sure.

The gorge narrows and the bridge crossing is above them as they sail under and head for the landing area near to the curving ascending path.

The ogre has been terrorising merchants and travellers of the road as they head to Kemperbad, and Werner wants to collect the bounty for sorting it out.

Werner and Durak head up the path to scope the area. Rowlocks hangs back while everyone else stays on the boat.

As Werner peeks over the cliff edge towards the bridge, he sees a wrecked cart and a massive humanoid, armoured with an enormous club, sitting eating something, he doesn’t spot them.

They make a plan. They will head up and go towards the crossing with their robes on and hoods up to give the impression of humble travellers. Rowlocks will sneak round behind him with his bow to get a clear shot.

They approach, the ogre spots them, laughs and charges straight at them. Werner drops his hood and draws his axe and shield, but Durak doesn’t move. The sheer size and power of the creature has him rooted to the spot in fear. Luckily, Werner and Rowlocks are not scared of ogres!

The ogre ploughs into Werner smashing his torso with his club and it hurts, Werner reels. But he is quick on his feet, dodging a second blow. Werner hits back at the towering monster cutting into him with his axe.
Rowlocks makes his move and heads through the undergrowth to behind the ogre. Durak stands paralyzed while the others stand nervously on the deck of the Nobber listening intently to the sounds of battle from above.

Werner and the ogre go toe to toe exchanging blows and snarls. Werner is light on his feet and is using all his agility to dodge the massive swings from the ogre’s studded club.
Werner’s axe pings of the ogre’s helmet as Rowlocks starts to bury arrows into creatures back.

Werner takes another crushing blow to the side but continues to hold his ground.

Durak overcomes his fear and springs into action charging at the ogre. No sooner is he into combat when, after scoring a hit on the ogre’s side, he is hit with a single return blow that is so powerful it takes him clean off his feet, nearly killing him.

The ogre is aware of Rowlocks but chooses to deal with the immediate threat of Werner. They are wearing him down, he’s hurt and beginning to fatigue.
He begins to shout, “Brunt! Brunt!”

This makes everyone nervous but the melee continues. It’s a great battle between Werner and the ogre and it could go either way, but Rowlocks puts another arrow into him and he begins to stagger.
At that moment, the bushes to the north start to move, thumping footsteps can be heard and another ogre bursts onto the scene. Shit.

They’ve got problems now, they have to put him down. Werner cuts into the first ogres leg and he looks like he’s going to drop. Rowlocks fires straight and true from the undergrowth. It’s a headshot, the arrow buries itself into the ogres thick skull and he slumps to the floor with a bang.

Werner turns on his heels and runs to meet the second ogre. Durak heads in too but a bit more tentatively as he is hurt.

Luckily, this one is not as heavily armoured as the first and Werner’s mighty blows strike hard. A few arrows from Rowlock’s elven bow and he’s already looking hurt.
Werner continues to dodge like a cat and the big, slow ogre is finding him hard to hit. Werner’s dwarven shield soaks up some hits as his trusty axe, already covered in ogre blood, continues to hack away at the ogres flesh.

Durak and Werner are hurt, but so is the ogre. Rowlocks takes aim, deep breaths, holds steady and let’s one fly. It whistles through the air and strikes the ogre in the neck, killing him instantly. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief.

Werner walks over to the other unconscious ogre and stands tall, then brings his axe down chopping off his head.

The ogres heads are severed and bagged, ready to collect the bounty.

They search the area, hoping to find the stash of all the loot the robbers have taken from travellers but they find nothing.

Their friends cheer as they see them alive and well as the head back down the sloping path to the barge. Werner takes a well earned rest as he is exhausted from the battle.

They cast off, and continue the tricky journey towards Kemperbad, all the time they feel the sensation that they are being watched, maybe the recent events are making them paranoid?

A day and a half later, they see the familiar sight of the clifftop town of Kemperbad and everyone is happy to be back to civilisation. All but Reni. She doesn’t seem overjoyed to see the place and immediately locks herself in her cabin, stating that she will remain there until they leave.
It’s heading towards teatime and the gang head up to the lifts to go to town.

Once inside, Werner collects his bounty. He tries to get double pay for two ogres heads, but the watch official isn’t having it and he walks off with his 100 gold pieces.

They need to shop and get supplies but it’s late and places are closing. As they are round the marketplace, they decide to head to their local Kemperbad inn, the Hat and Drum.

After the week they’ve had it’s great to be back, sat in a nice warm pub, with roast dinners and ales on the way!

As they relax, laugh and tell tales, a small boy approaches the table. He hands Werner a rolled up parchment sealed with a symbol. Werner, puzzled by this, opens the note and a lock of his own hair, which was taken from him a while back drops out.

The note is a final warning, demanding payment of 20,000 gold pieces, if it is not paid, death will swiftly follow. It has the symbol of a purple hand with a strange symbol inside of a twisted like worm.

They ask the boy where the note came from, he points across the crowded inn to a group stood near the door, he then vanishes into the crowd.

As Werner begins to stand, the hooded figure who stands inbetween four thugs moves his hands in a swirl and begins strange gestures. Werner’s hands pulsate and flicker with purple, but he draws on his willpower and mentally fights off the overwhelming feeling.

With that, the hooded man and the thugs, turn and disappear through the pub doorway into the night.

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Session 17
All along the Signal Tower


Everyone looks at each other, then looks at Werner.
It’s late evening in the Drum and Hat, just off Kemperbad’s main square, and the events of the last few minutes have everyone looking concerned.

What are we going to do about this situation? Should we try to track these guys down? Shall we get out of here and try to lose them?
A mass discussion breaks out as the party process the events and talk their way through the possibilities.

As they are about to finish their drinks and head back to the boat, they see the patrons of the inn slowly move to the side as three men make their way through the pub crowd.

Wearing a feathered, wide-brimmed hat, exquisite outfit and bejeweled rings on his pudgy fingers, a man, who seems to be well known, sits down at the table flanked by two gorilla-esque men.

“Good evening gentlemen,” he says, and swirls his fingers round for a round of drinks.
“My name is Luigi Belladonna, and I would like to know- where is she?”

Straight away everyone assumes this must have something to do with Reni…

Playing dumb doesn’t work out as it’s clear he knows she is their companion.

“We’ve had a look on the boat, so we know she’s not on there, nice dog..”
Werner is instantly annoyed that they have been aboard the Jolly Nobber, but after a testy exchange he decides nows not the time or place.

A woman comes past and thanks Mr Belladonna for his assistance and donations to the soup kitchen and he humbly sends her on her way.

The gang opt to tell the truth – if she’s not on the boat, they honestly don’t know where she is.

Things are tense yet polite and Luigi finishes his drinks and says he will see them soon with a wink.

As he’s obviously a well connected man, they see if they can get any leads on the letter they have just been given, hoping that he may recognise the symbol with the hand. They hand him the letter.

“I’m afraid I can’t help you with this symbol, but you guys certainly know how to get yourself in trouble don’t you?”
And with a smile he gets up and leaves them to it.

Drinks are finished and everyone is keen to get back to the boat.
To their surprise, although there has clearly been people on the boat, nothing seems to be missing. Unlike Reni, who is missing.
Dumpling tells them that she was here, the men came and she was gone.
It’s late, and due to recent events, a watch is set up through the night.

The next day, Durak heads to the dwarven armorsmiths and gets measured up for some chainmail. Gnoblar does some shopping at the herb based market stalls and they spend the evening in the pubs chatting gossip and rumours with the locals.

A day later and there’s still no sign of Reni, so Durak collects his armor, some supplies are collected and the Nobber is ready to make the trip back downstream to the signal tower.

It’s the height of summer now and it’s a beautiful few days sailing down the Reik. Whilst on deck, Rowlocks and Durak have the uneasy yet familiar feeling that they are being watched. They scan to forests edges on the banks of the river but nothing. Wandy studies his grimoires in his cabin while Gnoblar spends time in the lab fiddling with dusts and powders.
It’s late afternoon on the fifth day of travel when the silhouette of the signal tower comes into view.

The Jolly Nobber pulls up to the wharf beside the tower. It seems like an age since they first docked here to help those flustered dwarves months ago.

Dumpling stays on the boar with Elvis and everyone else grabs their stuff and jumps onto the riverbank. As they disembark they see two horses hitched up beside the tower. The swirling ramp which leads up to the entrance door is round the other side, and as they walk round they hear a woman’s voice call out….

“Ahhh at last! My shadows have arrived!! It’s great to finally meet you, do come round, I believe you have something for me, and I have something for you…..”

On the upper layer of the signal tower, on top of the stone observatory is a woman, draped in noble attire.


After months of tracking and chasing, numerous adventures and encounters, the party finally get to meet their quarry.

The stand for a moment taking in the current scene. Etelka has moved round the other side out of view. This is unexpected.

The party move round in single file towards the other side of the tower with Werner at the front, and as they do, they are both confused and amazed at the scene that greets them.
On the grass at the bottom of the signal tower are four dead dwarves face down in the mud. Their friend, Aynjulls Isembard, the renown engineer, is staring straight at them and he had a blade at his neck. The blade is held by, none other than, the book guy from the coach and horses, who Wandy tried to talk to on the day that our party met. This is a strange turn of events.

The man with the knife sneers an evil grin and looks up at Etelka as she looks down on the adventurers.

“And now…it’s time to hand over the keys, I suggest you do this at once or the world will be one dwarf short..”

Aynjulls looks at the the guys, terror on his face and a tear in his eye.

Rowlocks discreetly slides an arrow out of his pack under his cloak. Everyone looks at each other. Tension builds.

“We don’t have what you seek,” yells Werner.
“Now, now, don’t take me for a fool,” retorts Etelka.

The seconds that pass seem like hours. Everyone stares at each other. She’s going to kill him anyway, at least if we rush the book guy he may stand a chance?

Rowlocks shoots – the arrow whistles up into the air.

“Oh dear,” shouts Etelka, “I was hoping you were going to play nice…”

She grins an evil grin, leans over the edge of the stone tower and hurls an enormous fireball straight down at the party.

Werner, Gnoblar and Rowlocks are engulfed in flames and the smell of burning flesh and hair bursts round the bottom of the tower.

Wandy steps round to get line of sight on the book guy and blasts him with a wind blast knocking him and Aynjulls off balance. Gnoblar rummages in his satchel.

The man holding the knife steps forward through the wind and slices Aynjulls throat from the back. Blood pours down his beard and sprays out, he turns pale and drops to the ground.

And that’s it, it’s on. Werner storms forward in a blur drawing his axe and Durak, enraged by the deaths of his kinsman, pulls out his weapon and they both charge Aynjulls’ killer. Axe blows rain down on the guy and cut through his clothing like a knife through butter. All four blows from Werner and Durak land strong and in moments he’s dead on the floor.

Gnoblar, when he was at Etelka’s house in the Black Peaks, harvested a load of the strange mould that drained Wandy’s magical powers. In his lab on the barge he has worked on processing this into a liquid and now he is furiously dipped Rowlocks’ arrowheads into vials in the hope that they will dull Etelkas’ magical prowess.
But it’s not going well, it’s a really difficult shot, shooting upwards to the tower to hit a barely visible Etelka and the arrows are pinging off into the air.
“Fuck this,” shouts Rowlocks, grabs the vial and launches it up at the female Wizard. It also misses.

Rowlocks drops his bow, unsheathes his sword and storms up the ramp towards Etelka.

Seeing his advance, Etelka summons a sword directly in Rowlocks path on the precarious ramp and it slices into his arm as he let’s out a shriek.

Battle ensues, and the animated sword is proving difficult to hit. Rowlocks is battling the sword as Durak comes up the ramp with him, but theres not much room and Durak can’t get involved. At this point, Etelka disappears from view.

Wandy and Gnoblar take cover at the bottom of the signal tower.
Rowlocks is already wounded from the fireball and during the battle with the sword he’s been wounded further and things arn’t looking good.

The sword arches through the air in a mighty swing. It looks like it will connect and slice Rowlocks arm straight off at the elbow. In a crazy twist of fate, as it comes in, Rowlocks stumbles on some rocks, falls backwards past Durak and hits the deck.

Werner has an idea. He runs round the bottom of the towers ramp and uses his superior climbing skills to come up behind the sword.

The animated sword now has Durak on one side and Werner on the other and the tables have turned. After many clangs, parries, thrusts and smashes, Durak manages to clatter the floating weapon and it dematerialises.

As always, Werner is into the tower first with the gang following. He searches around but Etelka is no where to be seen.

What’s the plan? They’ve come all the way here to open the bottom floor, but that’s exactly what Etelka wants them to do, but they can’t find her anywhere? Can’t come all the way here and not open it surely?

Let’s do this. The mere presence of the keys in Rowlocks’ backpack cause the secret trapdoor on the floor (previously used by the ghoul) to slowly open.

Opting to leave the trapdoor open, they all carefully climb down into the lower level and make their way to the central chamber. All the while, looking behind with caution, expecting a surprise attack from Etelka at any moment.

Once on the ground floor, Werner and Rowlocks spin the bars of the central chamber and open the chamber with the mysterious symbols and the keyholes.

After a final look behind them, the last key is inserted and, click, the floor in centre swings down revealing a trapdoor and a ladder.

Once again, Werner is first down with torch in hand into the darkness.
He finds himself in a central chamber, off to the sides are six small rooms, all containing hundreds of dusty books. This is a study and a library.

Everyone climbs down and begins to look around. In the middle is a table with three books open at specific pages. Wandy takes a look drawing on his arcane knowledge.

The first is ‘Astronomical records – being a guide to the Mysterious Phenomena of the Night Sky’. It’s an account detailing the fall of the meteor and its predicted landing place.

The second is ’ Omens and Prophecies of the Seer Unserfrau’. It tells of great darkness and shadow, the coming of the great mutator and the fall of the Empire of Man.

The final book is ‘The Diary of the Wizard Dagmar von Wittgenstein’. The final entry in the diary details Dagmars planned expedition to the Barren Hills and, more interestingly, the fact that when he finds the meteor he plans to take it in a special container to a specifically created lined room in Castle Wittgenstein!!!

This is it, the information both they and Etelka have been after, the location of the lump of warp stone.

“I knew it,” says Werner, “I knew we’d have to go to that creepy ass castle we’ve been avoiding.”
Everyone takes a moment to take in the revelations.

Wandy is keen to pour over the books found in the library. With the help of Gnoblar, the pair of academics begin to search through the library. There are many ancient tomes here and it would take months to go through them all, but after a couple of hours they find a grimoire with some spells and manuscripts and scrolls.

They exit the observatory, locking the library behind them and head towards the barge contemplating what lies ahead.

Before they step back on the barge they notice that the two hitched horses are gone.

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