The Enemy Within

Session 24
The destruction of Castle Wittgenstein


Ulfhednar stumbles. With skeletons to one side, the 8ft monster to the other and Lady Magritte behind, he staggers backwards, turns and jumps down from the raised platform and makes his way towards where Gnoblar stands at the edge of the room. Everyone’s not sure what’s happening, but the fight continues.

The open roof still let’s in the storm and flashes of electricity light up the laboratory.

With Werner and Wandy gone, fled in panic, Ulfhendar backed against the wall, Rowlocks surveys his options. Magritte, the skeletons and the monster stand on the raised platform at the far end of the room. Krakatz and Durak battle in the centre of the tower with one of Magrittes skeletons. He loads his elven bow and let’s one fly at Magritte, but it’s a chaotic situation and the arrow misses its mark. He’s not having much luck with his bow.

And neither is Gnoblar who fires his crossbow as the bolt hits the wall.

The skeletons next to Magritte head out into into the room, spreading out towards their targets. One heads for Rowlocks at one side, one goes forward towards Durak and two jump down the right hand side of the platform.
Magritte appears to be lost in concentration, incanting and gesturing with her hands, with eyes closed.
Ulfhednar seems to struggle, leaning on his axe and swaying. Krakatz, seeing his partner in trouble, heads over and stands guard in front of him, defending his position from incoming attackers.

Gnoblar heads closer to behind Ulfhednar and uses his bulk as protection as he sets about reloading his crossbow.

Rowlocks sees the approaching skeleton, drops his bow on the floor, unsheathes his sword and grabs his shield from his back.
He launches at the skeleton, smashing him with his blade edge, but missing on his return swing, chips of bone and armor fly off.

The monster, slowly lurches forward and heads off the platform and stands between the skeletons that Rowlocks and Durak are battling.

Magritte continues her dark magic, and focuses her gaze on Durak. After a split second, Durak drops to the floor, dribbling and cooing like a baby.

The monster roars into action throwing the might of his 8ft frame round in an arc hitting the skeleton next to Durak, smashing it to pieces.

Although taken aback by the monster’s kill – what is he doing? Rowlocks is locked into melee with his foe, but the skeleton is outmatched, Rowlocks’ sword comes down on the undead and slices through his femur, dropping him to the ground.

At this point, much to everyone’s relief, Werner bursts back into the room. He’s overcome his fear and he’s ready to kill.

He charges into the fray, heading towards the two skeletons to his left. He launches across the room into them but he misses.

The monster lurches towards where Werner is battling the skeletons. Rowlocks sees Werner outnumbered, and charges to Werners side and faces a skeleton, whilst the Wittgenstein abomination flails wildy at Werner and the skeleton he’s fighting.

Gnoblar shoots his crossbow again at Magritte, who is now exposed on the platform but the bolt goes wide. At this point, Magritte jumps down, hands aglow, and enters the melee and tries to grab Rowlocks with her hand, but he’s too quick and jumps back out the way.

Gnoblar sees Magritte enter the battle in the middle of the room and rummages in his backpack and pulls out a small bottle of purple powder. Gnoblar has been using his pharmaceutical skills and has tried to distill a useable format of the magic dulling fungus he found a while back. He pulls the cork and lobs it in front of Rowlocks, where Magritte is, hoping it has an effect. Rowlocks’ skill with a sword betters Magrittes magical defenses and he draws blood on her arm and leg.

Ulfednar is hobbling and resting on his axe, he has the look of someone who is struggling. Krakatz guards his front side.

Durak dribbles.

Werner has been battling and battling with the two skeletons and the monster, but he’s struggling to land any blows, despite the effort he’s putting in.

Rowlocks slashes his blade into Magritte with a skillful blow. It draws blood and she winces. She returns by grabbing Rowlocks’ hand as he withdraws his sword. Rowlocks gasps in pain as a green whisp travels up his arm to his body, seeping through his armor. He cries out and snatches his arm back.
Werner continues to fight the skeletons while dodging the monster’s swings, but the skeletons are battling hard and he can’t seem to get his axe in.

Gnoblar throws another of his dust bottles at Magritte.

Rowlocks is now heavily wounded and another hit like that from Magritte and it will be his last. She lashes out again, accompanied by a snarl of hate.
Rowlocks uses all his remaining energy to just dodge Magrittes hand of dust. This makes her over stretch, and he pulls back his sword arm and runs her through. He snaps his blood-covered sword back out of the torso and she drops to the floor in a pool of blood.
Rowlocks is on his last legs and sees his chance to exit the melee, pulls back and runs to the other side of the room to grab his bow.

The skeletons are wearing Werner down but neither him or the Monster are able to make contact.

“Right, Krakatz, NOW!” yells Ulfhendar, and stands tall and grabs his axe. He turns round and swings the axe with all his might at Gnoblar! What the hell!

Everyone is stunned at Ulfhednar’s act of betrayal. Ulfhendar’s axe slices into Gnoblar and blood spurts out from the wound.

" Mwhuhahaha," screams Krakatz and runs straight at the mindless dwarf on the floor, wounding him badly.

Gnoblar is backed into the edge of the room with Ulfednar in front of him.
There’s nowhere to run, he grabs Barrakul, his vorpal blade, from its sheath and swings at Ulfhednar with all of his might. The blade drifts in and out of reality as it passes through his armor and cuts into him.
The might warrior, towers over Gnoblar and raises his axe to reign blows down on the halfling. He slams it down straight at Gnoblar. He tries to dodge out of the way but he’s not quick enough. At the last minute, almost as if fate intervened on Gnoblar’s behalf, as his foot moves to dodge, he treads on a small metal cylinder- one of Magrittes scientific instruments. This causes him to fall and tumble towards the door and out of the way from Ulfhendar. Ulfhednar turns, assesses his immediate threats, and sees Werner with his back turned and charges at him.

Rowlocks grabs his bow and fires at the enormous frame of the monster but misses.

At that second, Wandy comes running back up the stairs and into the room. With his nerve steadied, he quickly evaluates the situation.

Gnoblar has crawled to where Rowlocks is on one side of room, and on the other Werner fights the skeletons, the monster and Ulfhednar.

In the middle of the room, Krakatz is about to smash the enfeebled Durak to pieces. Sensing the immediate danger, Wandy pulls back his sleeves and unleashes a powerful blast of wind straight at Krakatz but also creating a barrier across the room.

Werner has been unable to get into his rhythm, it’s been difficult, but then something clicks, and he roars into action. He smashes straight through one of the skeletons and the monster accidentally fells another. Empowered by his, kill he continues his momentum, wounding Ulfhendar in a flurry of blows.

Rowlocks and Gnoblar stand on the fire side of the room with their missile weapons loaded but unable to risk firing through the wind.

Wandy holds the blast as Krakatz struggles through the gust. Durak is blown onto the floor.

Axes are flying as Ulfhednar and Werner go toe to toe. Ulfhednar tries to catch Werner off balance, but he’s too quick. Werner has now found his groove and he slams into the armored warriors side with his first blow then opens a wound on his calf with the backswing.

Ulfhendar swings wildly in reply, but his blows clang off Werner’s magic shield. Werner has the momentum and plows into the warrior with his full power.
There’s nothing he can do as Werner’s axe cleaves into his side and he drops lifelessly to the floor.

Wandy holds his blast as Krakatz battles through the force of the wind, looking to hurt Durak.

Werner’s blood soaked axe now comes expertly at the enormous Wittgenstein monster. He’s in full flow as it chops some of the flesh from the creature. The monster retaliates in a blow that could take Werner’s head off, but he’s too quick and dodges out of the way.

Within seconds Werner’s axe hacks repeatedly into the beasts torso and he goes back to being dead.

Only Krakatz remains and seeing Werner now free and dropping bodies all over, Wandy drops his wind and Werner charges into him, eager for more kills.

Werner is too tough, too armored and too strong for even the mutant Krakatz, and he can’t seem to hurt him. Werner is in full battle mode and seems unstoppable. He smashes Krakatz with his axe and opens his chest up. Krakatz dies.

Everyone stops for a moment and looks round. Wow.
“What’s happening?” asks Durak.It’s clear that all the enemies are dead, and everyone slumps to the floor and catches their breath.
The party get themselves together. Gnoblar sets about applying any healing treatments he can to help, and everyone else searches the bodies and the room.

Werner kicks the body of Ulfhednar and starts to unattach his direwolf headpiece and trys it on for size.
Wandy picks over the body of Lady Magritte and recovers a jet black wand and a ring.

Onwards, they have to find the meteor.

Leaving the storm and the tower behind, the party head back into the main castle and down into the previously unexplored ground floor.

The main staircase leads them into the great hall of the castle. Once a grand dining hall for high-society events, now lays covered in grime and grease, with rotten food on the table.

The party hear whispers coming from different angles..
“Ohh look at them,”
“They’re going downstairs..”
They pay the voices no heed and look around the hall at the tapestries and objects.

Everyone turns quickly towards the stairs, and out from an area between the bottom of the staircases hobbles an ancient butler.

“Make yourselves at home gentlemen, you must be hungry after your journey, do help yourselves and then ill show you to your rooms.”

Before any of the bemused group replies, he nods and smiles and returns to his space under the stairs.

After a look at some of the wall paintings, Gnoblar sees a downward staircase just passed the snoozing butler.

They form their usual marching order and head down the staircase and under the castle.

Once downstairs they find themselves in a stone corridor in the castle dungeons.
The corridor has three doors and they take the one to their right.
This opens up into a massive wine cellar full of all types of alcohol from all over the empire. Werner makes a note of where all the booze is and they move over into the door opposite.

The smell the have been experiencing is getting stronger and stronger the closer they get to the door.

Durak pushes open the door and they see a small room in which sits a large ogre feasting on a human leg. He’s filthy and so is the room. He carries an enormous axe, while bright green and orange hairs protrude from his muscular arms.

Neither party is threatening and after some pointless smalltalk, Wandy and the others thank him, tell him they’ll see him later and close the door to the foul room.

In the next corridor, opposite them is a door which is crudely boarded over with a primitive skull painted on it. A debate occurs over the possibility of the room containing the chunk of warpstone or something deadly that might be worse. They decide to leave it for now and check it out later, heading down the corridor.

A door lays ahead, but to the left is some more stairs heading further down. They head for the stairs.

It’s pitch black and torches are lit for the descent.

The stair case seems to go down forever and they consider going back, but continue to persevere.
After about 200ft the shaft levels out and opens into a cavern.
Their torches light up the area and water can be seen. It’s a small lake, and seconds later, low and behold!

It’s the Jolly Nobber!!!

Yes!! Spirits rise as everyone is elated by the sight of home, but before they can celebrate, Rowlocks gives everyone a shhh, and voices can be heard coming from a door cut into the caveside right where the boat is moored. A portcullis hangs shut over a waterway leading out of the castle and onto the Reik outside.

Right. Werner, Rowlocks, Gnoblar, Wandy and Durak huddle together and make a plan. Now they’ve found the boat, they have an exit strategy. They decide to continue the search for the warpstone meteorite and head back up the stairs and into the unexplored part of the dungeon.

They head into the next room which appears to be a torture chamber, complete with iron maiden and instruments of pain. Also, suspended from a cage in the middle of the room is an emaciated, pale bearded man with a bizarre grin on his face.

Whoever the man is, he’s clearly mad and they leave him to it and push through the door on the other side.

The next area is dark, damp and dingy and it’s soon clear that these are cells.
The adventurers spread into the room. They find tortured and beaten villagers in one and an imperial tax collector in another. The inmates are incredibly frail and while they are explaining to them that they will be back to save them a voice calls out from the darkness of the corner.

“Gnoblar sir!! MR GNOBLAR SIR!!…Oh please, please be you!”

It’s Dumpling! And she’s in a bad way. Gnoblar unbolts the cell door and reassures Dumpling that everything’s going to be ok, but they’re not safe yet. She must stay here and they will return and get her!
As reluctant as she is, she agrees and cowers back into the corner.

There’s one cell left to check, and when they enter Rowlocks noticed an engraved engravement on the stones in the cell.

‘Way out to Herman’s Hermatige’ and a crudely drawn arrow.

At the back of the cell they find a loose stone. After some fiddling about, it clicks and can be pushed back revealing a passageway behind.
With torches at the ready they delve into the darkness beyond.

At the end of a roughly carved passage lays a dead end. Some more searching reveals more secret passageways. One leading to where the staircase is that leads down to the Watergate, and another on the other side.
They continue away from the stairs and it opens out into a chamber.

In the centre of the room is an open 3ft cube of lead. The cube is hollow and the lid lies on the floor next to the box. The walls and floor of the cabe are unnaturally black.

“It’s gone! We’re too late!”
Our heroes stomachs drop as they realise the warpstone is not there.

On the floor at the back wall is a freshly excavated small tunnel. Piles of dirt and rocks lay scattered next to the opening. From the tunnel comes a gust if fresh air.

“That’s a fresh tunnel!” yells Durak.
Quick! Everyone heads into the tunnel. Rowlocks notices large rat footprints around the entrance.

The tunnel meets a natural 12ft crack and opens out. At the other end is another freshly dug tunnel. Three skaven warriors stand at the tunnels entrance brandishing their weapons.

Everyone is stuck single file in the tunnel. Rowlocks peels to the side and fires and arrow and Wandy pushes forward into the opening. He sizes up the three skaven standing in the tunnel entrance and raises his hands.
They glow white hot and a split second later a fireball goes hurtling down the tunnel at the skaven. They scream and squirm, their fur now alight, they writhe and call out in pain, dropping to the floor in a smouldering heap.

A small crash can be heard coming from down the tunnel that skaven were guarding and, as everyone tentatively steps forward, a black swirling mist heads out of the gap and moves steadily towards the party.

Wandy once again launches into action and fires a wind blast at the mist, forcing it back down from where it came.

At that very second, a rumbling can be heard and a deep tremor runs through the castle rock.
“Whoah, that’s not good,” says Durak as he worriedly looks round.

“We have to get that meteorite, quick,” says Gnoblar, and as everyone shoots forward, another tremor shakes the tunnel and dust and rocks rattle down from above as the earth under their feet quakes.

“The whole things going to come down!” shouts Durak, as he draws upon his mining experience.
“But the meteor!” replies Werner.

There’s a brief pause of indecision as minds race with options. The crack above them grumbles and begins to shake. Dirt and earth begin to drop from above as deep tremors rock the floor.

“We’re all going to die in here!”

With that, the decision is made, and everyone turns on their heels, and heads as quickly as they possibly can back towards the dungeon.

It’s pure panic, the whole place is coming down around them. They sprint back through the tunnels and head towards the stairs to the watergate.
“Get Dumpling!” Cried Gnoblar and Werner rushes the other way to the cells, burst in, throws Dumpling over his shoulder and runs towards the stairs with Dumpling crying out in terror on his back.

Everyone throws themselves down the long staircase as fast as they possibly can without losing control.

The place is shaking and massive deep booms and vibrations can be felt from all around. They burst into the watergate and run onto the Jolly Nobber as chunks of masonary splash down into the water.

Rowlocks barks orders and everyone is all hands on deck, unmooring and grabbing oars.
Werner drops Dumpling on deck and looks around, the portcullis is closed!

He leaps off the boat and runs to the door where the guards were before. He’s guessed correctly and inside the room is a wheel and chains, the mechanism for the portcullis.

Rocks plunge into the water from the cave roof as the whole cavern shakes and rumbles. The pressure is on and Werner heaves the wheel with all his strength as it screeches and grinds into action.

Werner pushes hard until the metal gate clanks into place. He sprints as fast as possible as the Jolly Nobber slowly drifts away from the dock. Werner jumps the gap and lands on the deck.
Terrible noises can be heard coming from above, deep sounds and rumbles as the whole earth shakes, dust and debris continually fall from the roof accompanied by distant crashing sounds.

As Rowlocks drops the main sail, Wandy has a stroke of genius and conjures a windblast that fires directly into the sails. This shoots the river barge forward at pace lifting the nose of the boat and jolts everyone as they desperately cling on!

The Jolly Nobber lunges forward into the main flow of the Reik and out of the cavern. As it does the whole cave system collapses behind them in a cacophony of noise dust.

As Rowlocks guides the boat to the far bank of the river, everyone stands on deck looking up at the scene.

Its the first light of morning, and above them stands the remains of Castle Wittgenstein. The whole area is in ruins and rubble. The high cliffs that the castle once stood on have also collapsed creating a different landscape, like the aftermath of an earthquake.

The storm has passed and the morning sun shows thick dust in the air across the landscape, like a layer of fog. The cliffs continue to crash down into the Reik and nothing has settled yet.

Our heroes sit in silence on the deck of the Jolly Nobber, exhausted, wounded, in awe of what they have just experienced. They sit in quiet contemplation and stare up at the complete destruction of Castle Wittgenstein.

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The dust hasn’t settled. In fact it hangs in the air as the morning sun shines over the trees. The landscape is unrecognisable. The cliffs have partially crumbled into the Reik and all kinds of debris litter the rivers surface, slowly drifting downstream. Where Castle Wittgenstein used to stand is an enormous pile of rubble and stone, and smoke rises from various places.

It’s a peaceful moment, with only the sounds of the birds and the ambience of the river.
On the deck of the Jolly Nobber everyone sits exhausted, looking at the scene in front of them. It’s been a long night.

The party are fatigued, battered, weather beaten and wounded and in all round need of rest. They discuss their next move.

The first thing is to get out of here and away from carnage they’ve been involved with before people start showing up.
Rowlocks gets everyone into gear and prepares the boat. Half a day’s sail downstream towards Kemperbad, then pitch up somewhere safe and get some rest. Everyone helps, despite the temptation to collapse, apart from Dumpling who is in bed downstairs, recovering from her traumatic ordeal. Gnoblar gives her something to help her sleep.

Shortly after lunchtime, a safe spot is found, near to the forests edge so Gnoblar can try to replenish some of his herb stocks. The boat is secured and after some lunch, everyone relaxes and rests.

The Jolly Nobber has been turned over, probably by Kratz and his friends, and anything laying around if immediate value has been taken – but they haven’t found the secret compartment built by Werner.

The next five days pass leisurely, its the end of the summer and everyone enjoys some well deserved downtime after chaos of the last week. Rowlocks spends his time fishing and chatting to Werner and Durak while the warriors spa on deck, perform weapons and armor maintenance and drink ale. In his cabin
Wandy is deep into his books, studying his latest find of Dagmar’s diary. Gnoblar has gathered some herbs which he begins processing into pills whilst reading his physician manuals.
During the evenings, laughs are had, stories are told and plans are made.

There’s been a few traders pass, and an increased number of river patrols heading towards the castle. The river patrol are fobbed off with tales of innocent traders who know nothing about the events up river.

Werner has been told to take the ransom he doesn’t have to Middenheim.
After finding a letter to Magritte, they know that there is one of the Wittgensteins remaining, who is enjoying the high life, in Middenheim.
These facts, combined with Rowlocks burning desire to find an archery competition, which they know there will be at the Middenheim carnival, the decision is made. The plan is to call in at Delberz so that Wandy can visit Heironymous, then head north to the City of the White Wolf.

Everyone is back to full strength apart from Dumpling, who is back on her feet pottering around, but still not quite herself.
But spirits are high and Rowlocks steers the barge down stream.

It’s pleasant sailing and a much needed change of pace. They opt to steer straight past Kemperbad and continue towards Altdorf.

The next day, as Rowlocks steers the Jolly Nobber downstream, he sees a trade barge up ahead. A man stands on the deck and waves as they approach.

The Maria Borger is a trade vessel, not too dissimilar to the Jolly Nobber, and as Rowlocks brings her closer he can see the captain is distressed.

“Hey there, I’ve got a couple of sick men on board, are any of you medical?”
Everyone looks at Gnoblar, whose just appeared on deck. Gnoblar sizes up the situation for a minute, then offers to help.

Once alongside, Gnoblar, Werner and Wandy jump aboard. Bernhardt introduces himself and the crew and explains that two of his men, Karl and Hans, have been taken ill. The sailors are cold, pale and deathly white with cold sweats.

No one knows what to think about the situation, alertness levels are high and the party are quite suspicious. Gnoblar agrees to go take a look at the patients and heads down the stairs.
Karl and Hans both have the same symptoms, and despite Gnoblar’s knowledge of common diseases, he can’t pinpoint the cause, and they don’t look good. Wandy spots two small puncture wounds on the neck of Karl, Gnoblar takes a look. Bernhardt says this is strange, they weren’t there yesterday? Further inspection finds them on Hans too. Bernhardt reassures his struggling mates that they’ll be ok and says the bite marks might have been from rats.

Werner spots a small pendant on the floor, a religious symbol to the god Taal, and picks it up. Immediately, Hans starts mumbling things about being made to take it off.

This makes everyone even more suspicious, is it Bernhardt doing this?

After some chat, Bernhardt reveals that he does have some special cargo on board, that he picked up from some large mercantile operation in Kemperbad. With two sick crew, he’s finding it hard to man the boat and make the journey on time. It seems he’s been paid very well to make a delivery. After some persuasion, he let’s the adventurers down into the hold to have a look.
It’s a large single crate with a large lead seal on one edge. The crate bares a coat of arms and Wandy takes a look. His time spent in academia and his knowledge of heraldry pays off, and he recognises it as the Orlock family that died out in the Age of the Three Emperors, hundreds of years ago. Hmmmm.

OK. Gnoblar reassures Bernhardt and says they’ll think of a way to help and they head back onto the Jolly Nobber.

It’s a funny situation. Back on the Nobber talks are held. What’s in the crate? Lead seal? Is it possible this could be something to do with the skaven and the warsptone? That would seem almost too good to be true. Whatever it is no one feels like opening it. How come Hans and Karl are sick but Bernhardt and his wife aren’t? We need to stay off the boat in case whatever it is is contagious.
Initially the plan is to offer to pay for the cargo, take it and deliver it, then Bernhardt can take his crew back to Kemperbad to get medical help.
They decide they don’t want the cargo on board and that they should tow the Maria Borger, and make it easier for the boat to make its deadline. It’s a long way to tow a boat, but really it’s a plan to stall for time and see what happens over the next few days.

Bernhardt is delighted with the offer of help and Rowlocks makes the necessary preparations. After a couple of hours they’re off and heading down the Reik.

It’s a slight setback but no real problem. Night sets in and everyone moors up and settles down for the evening. A watch is set up on the Nobber and everyone gets some rest.

The next morning, Rowlocks is up with the birds, checks the boat and shouts across to Bernhardt- no reply. He hollas again but nothing. He wakes everyone else up.

There’s clearly no signs from the Maria Borger as it floats lifelessly on the Reik. Werner, Gnoblar and Wandy decide to board and have a look, everyone else stays on the Nobber.

There’s nothing on deck so they head downstairs. Hans and Karl are still ill in bed, further searching locates Bernhardt and his Mrs. They are both sick, pale, weak and in their cabin in bed, they can barely move.
A medical inspection by Gnoblar reveals two small puncture marks on their necks. This is not good. There’s immediate talk of cutting the boat loose, torching it and heading to Altdorf, but after further talks they decide to go look at the mysterious cargo.

In the cargo hold, Werner grabs an iron bar and wedges it in the crate and levers it open.
Inside the crate, much to everyone’s surprise are two coffins. One lays open, surrounded by soil and earth. Inside the other lays a man, dressed in fashions from centuries ago, blood seeps from the corner of his mouth.
“If this is what I think it is,” says Wandy, “Then this is a very dangerous situation, vampires are very powerful, formidable adversaries.”
The instinct is to immediately run and get as far away as possible, but Gnoblar has other plans. If they leave the Maria Borger, then there is the possibility of multiple vampires running amok in the Reikland.

Gnoblar decides they must be killed. Wandy tells him he needs stakes of birchwood to run through their hearts to truly finish them off forever. Luck is on their side, as it’s daytime they currently pose no threat, but it won’t be long.
Gnoblar heads off into the forest with Werner to collect the necessary wood. Werner then uses his carpentry skills to carve stakes.

A couple of hours later, it’s time. Gnoblar takes his stakes and heads below.
First, the main cause of all these problems, the Orlock Vampire. He leans into the coffin, places the stake, aims a hammer and runs him through. The vampire wrenches upright, gasps, looks Gnoblar in the eye, smiles and drops down lifeless.
The next four prove to be more difficult. Although Bernhardt and his crew are weak, they are not unconscious, and they beg and plead for Gnoblar to stop, but he knows he has to put them out of their misery and save them from an endless nightmare.
He steels himself, fights through their sorrowful begging and kills them one at a time.

With the deed done, he returns to the Nobbar, leans into the Reik and washes his hands. Rowlocks cuts all ties with the Maria Borger and leaves it to drift. With that, they set off towards Altdorf.

A few days later the spires of Altdorf rise in the distance as the boat sails along. Having had a bad experience on their previous visit, and still concerned about the potential murder charges from a few months ago, they decide to head straight past to Delberz.

It’s easy sailing in the late summer sun. The waterways around Altdorf are busy as ever with trade boats, tourist ships and river patrols.
The boys reminisce of the last time they were home in Delberz, which seems like an age ago.

A few days later, they arrive back in Delberz, and it’s a welcome sight.
The first port of call is Heironymous. The wizards house is on the outskirts and on the river, which is convenient for mooring.

Everyone jumps off the boat, and Wandy leads them up the path to the stone tower house.
Hans Peter Schiller opens the door with his usual look of disdain. Always in Wandy’s shadow, Heironymous’ second favourite apprentice looks unhappy to see the adventurers..
“Oh, it’s you lot, you’re back. I suppose you want to come in…”

As they enter the study, Heironymous, who is usually always preoccupied, is overjoyed to see them and is off his odd-socked feet to greet them.
Schiller is ordered to bring refreshments, and everyone gets comfy and the debrief begins. The wizard is keen to hear the whole tale and talks go on into the night. The party indulge him with the whole adventure they’ve been on, the signal tower, Grissenwald, the Barren Hills, Kemperbad, Wittgendorf and Castle Wittgenstein.
He listens intently and the different possibilities and hypothesise are discussed. Who has the warpstone meteorite? Where is Etelka? What actually happened? Everyone speculates, but the only real lead from the affair, is the group know there is a living member of the Wittgensteins, Magritte’s brother, in Middenheim. Werner’s ransom also has something to do with Middenheim. Combined with Rowlocks’ archery obsession and the upcoming carnival, the course is set. Middenheim it is, and Heironymous also thinks this is the best course of action based on the circumstances.

But first things first, Wandy needs to study and train, which gives the party some further downtime. Werner heads back to his parents inn with Gnoblar, Durak and Rowlocks for a few days drinking and eating, and Dumpling begins to pull herself together and starts tidying and pottering on the boat.

A week or so later, everyone regroups and plans the journey. Middenheim is not reachable by boat, so they negotiate to leave the barge moored at Heironymous’s house and Dumpling will stay on board, and help Heironymous.

Plans are made and options are weighed up. In the end, they decide not to go by coach or cart, and they head into Delberz to buy a wagon and horses. Werner will drive the wagon up the main Altdorf to Middenheim road and hopefully be there before the carnival starts.

They need to travel light and everyone heads back to the barge to decide what to bring and what to leave on the boat.

After a while, the backpacks are ready and they say their goodbyes to Heironymous and Dumpling, jump on the wagon and Werner whips the reins – the journey to Middenheim begins.

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A Rough Night at the Three Feathers


Bags are packed, wagons loaded, everyone is set for a road trip.
Werner jumps into the driving seat, everyone else climbs into the back and with a crack of the reins they’re off.

The road is quite busy. It’s the first few days of autumn and there’s plenty of traffic. People on foot and trader carts head towards Middenheim for the upcoming carnival, and the steady stream of usual traffic heads towards the capital. It’s getting cooler but summer’s death throes make for pleasant travelling.

Eight horse coaches thunder past the wagon as it trundles down the road.

It’s a few hundred miles to Middenheim and it’s going to take just short of two weeks, but everyone’s excited to see the City of the White Wolf and attend the Empire’s, and if not the world’s, greatest carnival!

The weather turns cooler over the next few days and the crew continue on their journey. They stop at coaching inns during the evenings and spend as much time as possible travelling the road.

Over the next few days, they chat to the odd merchant, they see the roadwardens drag a poacher out of the woods crying for mercy.

Five days into the journey, the light fades for the evening and the wagon pulls into the Shepherd and Tankard.

The inn isn’t that busy and everyone enters and surveys the area.

There’s a table of coachmen in the bar area, a couple having a quiet drink and a drunkard slumped on a table surrounded by bottles. Through in the lounge there appears to be a priest talking to an old man, standing in front of the fire.

“What will it be?” Says the innkeeper, and as Werner turns to the others, raised voices can be heard from the other room. The old man comes through with the priest trailing after him

He’s carrying a handful of small bones, he looks deranged, he approaches the party standing at the bar and his face spasms, he fixes his gaze at Wandy, he grabs at his cloak holding him by the shoulders and staring into his face and begins to talk wildly and rapidly before Wandy can pull away.
He talks of darkness, shadows over Bogenhafen, hooded figures and great evil, death on the Reik, the great mutator, chosen ones and peril, the walled city of the White Wolf, chaos and spiders, a power behind the throne and the empire in flames, the horned rat and the book of changes, the enemy within. He then pulls away as if his hands are burnt, he looks at everyone in the face and screams, running out of the inn door.
He talks so fast and manically that it’s hard to make out what he said and the details, the party, stunned, stand and look at each other as the priest runs after the man.

Everyone is unnerved. He seems to talk of what has passed and what will come to pass. He seems to have talked about the adventures they have been on.

What was all that about?

The innkeeper says, “you know that guy?”
They explain they do not and the innkeeper doesn’t know him, just came in earlier and sat by the fire.

The priest of Sigmar returns. He doesn’t know him either, he just stopped to offer aid as he looked in distress, just before the adventurers entered.

Right. Everyone sits down at a table with drinks and waits for food while discussing the old man.

A short while later, two young ladies, late teens and obviously of good breeding enter, along with a giant of a man, with a thick heavy brow, massive jaw, flattened nose and a huge woodcutters axe. They talk to the innkeeper and after a brief exchange with the giant, the large man leaves and goes back outside the inn. The girls stay at the bar for a drink.

At this point, the drunk man stands up and staggers forward. He spots the ladies and heads over. It’s clear that his presence is making the women uncomfortable, and when he gets lewd and ‘grabby’ they tell him to leave them alone, but he’s not listening.

Werner can stand this no longer, and he’s off his feet heading towards the drunk.
He grabs him by the scruff of the neck, and the pisshead asks what the fuck it’s got to do with him?
Werner is no match for this guy and slaps him round the face and throws him to the side.
The drunk man considers his options, says he was only messing and sits back at his table for another drink.

The ladies are extremely thankful and offer to buy drinks for Werner and his friends. The blue eyed blonds continue to show their gratitude and introduce themselves as Ulrike and Bertha Jung, travelling to Middenheim to see their cousin, Kirsten Jung, who is a lady-at-court for the Graf, Boris Todbringer.

The enormous man enters the inn, sees Werner, and holds up his axe and stomps forward purposefully.
“Stop Gundar, this here is Werner, our new friend, and it’s a good job he was here – where the hell were you? Some bodyguard you are!”
“Apologies m’lady, the horses….”
“Yes, yes..” Bertha cuts him off and Werner asks if they would like to sit down.

They join Durak, Gnoblar, Wandy and Rowlocks at the table and have a pleasant few hours chatting. It gets late and the ladies set to leave, but first they insist that they visit them in Middenheim. Ulrike writes down her address and hands it to Werner. He pretends he can read it, smiles and thanks them.

It’s back on the road and they continue. They pass a small market town with stalls and some roadwardens and traders.

After lunchtime on the next day, Werner spots a group of what appear to be beggars heading towards them on the road. They are attached together round the waist with a rope and the lead bigger has a cane. The beggar at the back carries a wooden cup and shouts, “Alms for the blind!”
When they get close, Werner takes pity on them, pulls over and throws a gold in the cup. They are extremely grateful! It’s a lot of money for them, they explain they are on a pilgrimage to Altdorf. After more thanks they continue on their way, and Werner, with an extra sense of contentment, cracks his whip and continues.

They’ve been on the road a week and are not making bad time considering how busy the road is now they are closer to Middenheim.
They see a group of poachers heading out the woods carrying an enormous stag, they give the wagon a shady look and watch it pass.

As they leave the Warriors Candle, the next day, it begins to rain. A strange, dull, rhythmically noise can be heard from up the road ahead.

Everyone peeps forward to see what the noise is. Werner can see. Its a company of halberdiers, marching along followed by supply waggons. Their uniforms are ostentatious, red and yellow and they look tired but determined. Werner pulls the waggon to the side and they watch them pass.

The next day, after lunch they come across an old dwarf, walking the road with an over laden donkey. They stop for a chat. He’s selling goods, nick nacks and trinkets, as well as donkey jerky. He tries to shift some of his gear, but no one wants half a pair of shoes or a wooden necklace. Werner does consider buying a massive gear from the doors of a far dwarves fortress, but everyone talks him out of it. They wave goodbye and continue on their way.

It’s been nearly two weeks now on the journey and they estimate it will be another 5 or so days.

It’s been a long day and everyone is pleased to see the sign of the Three Feathers as they approach the coaching in up the hill, the sun setting in the distance.

As the party’s waggon draws closer they can see its unusually busy. There’s a large ornate coach outside and lackeys, some in livery, are busying themselves with various trunks and chests as men-at-arms look on.

Everyone jumps out and heads in as Werner ties up the horses, parks the waggon and talks to the inns stable hands.

Inside the inn is bustling. There’s an arm wrestling competition going on between a large man and a man-at-arms. Others gather round the table shouting laughing. A grinning halfling sits a table with a pack of cards having a pint.

Ita a full ten minutes before anyone can get the innkeepers attention.
“Welcome,” he says at last, " I’m sorry to have kept you waiting for so long, but as you can see, we have a distinguished guest tonight – Gravin Maria-Ulrike Von Liebewitz of Ambosstein no less – and there are so many arrangements to be made. I hardly know it I’m coming or going with it all. Now, you want a room? Of course you do, ah excuse me again, I’ll only be a moment."
Everyone’s waits for another few minutes as he directs a train of servants upstairs.
“I’m sorry,” he says, “it really is mad this evening!”

They book a couple of double rooms, order a round of drinks and everyone takes off their cloaks and makes themselves comfy at a table in the centre of the room near the arm wrestling.

There’s plenty of people milling about in the bar, men-at-arms, servants and patrons.
It’s nice to have a relax in a busy pub. Werner considers the arm wrestling – he thinks he can take the big guy whose doing all the winning, but he decides to relax for now. Everyone chats about current events and what Middenheim may have in store.

About ten minutes later, three travellers with heavy cloaks enter, hang their cloaks near the fire, speak to the innkeeper and then sit down at an empty table for food and drinks.

Five minutes later, a gnome enters, books a room then goes to play cards with the halfling.

Gnoblar goes to the bar and talks to one of the servants. Seems the Gravin is heading to Middenheim to deal with a legal matter.

A short while later, one of the Gravin’s livery comes down and heads to speak to the guy arm wrestling. Bruno is ordered upstairs to his room as the Gravin doesn’t want him to injure himself.
Bruno stands up towering over the servant and tells him to get fucked. The servant scurries back upstairs.

After five minutes or so, the Gravin herself, accompanied three servants, comes down the stairs looking annoyed. After a short exchange with Bruno, he sulkily heads upstairs. Food arrives for the rest of the Gravin’s party and most of the men-at-arms and servants eat at the bar.

Food arrives for the party and they continue to have a few drinks and enjoy themselves. Everyone’s discussing maybe having an early night and getting back on the road, but Werner is having a nice evening and doesn’t seem too keen.

A well dressed couple and two coachmen then enter the pub. The couple clearly only have eyes for each other and speak to the innkeeper and disappear upstairs, the coachmen grab a beer and sit at an empty table.

Five minutes pass before more guests enter. It’s about half 9 now and three men enter, all wearing black robes of the god of death- Morr. They spend a while talking to the innkeeper. After much discussion they then leave the inn and return a few moments later carrying a coffin. They carry it upstairs and disappear.

Following their experience with the Maria Borger a while back on the Reik, the adventurers discuss the coffin and start to worry about the presence of vampires. Last time they saw a coffin there was a nasty one inside.
Just to be safe, Werner heads outside and looks for some yew trees to make some stakes.
It’s not too much trouble for the axe wielding carpenter, but while he’s outside a traveller on horseback arrives at the inn and gives Werner a wave as she passes. She hands her steed to the stable hand and heads inside.

Werner comes back in and rejoins his table for another round of drinks. The sturdy looking female traveller stands with a drink at the bar and chats to some of the servants.

As Rowlocks sits and watches the bar, he sees one of the men-at-arms give the female traveller a cheeky bum squeeze. A split second later he is laid on the floor with a bloody nose, the other members of the Gravin’s party back away and give their drinks a good looking at.

It’s about 10pm. At this point a liveried servant comes down the stairs and orders the gravins entourage to retire for the night, stating that they will be leaving at first light in the morning. The various members finish their drinks and drift off to the dormitory.

About the same time, male from the couple comes downstairs and orders a bottle of wine. Before he can return, Wandy spots him talking to one of the gravins servants. A heated exchange takes place and the man, who is now very angry, stomps off back upstairs and the servant heads to the dormitory.

It’s a bit quieter now in the bar, and everyone discusses calling it a night.
Gnoblar heads to the bar and talks to the woman. Her names Ursula and she works for the Kemperbad town council, off to Middenheim to deliver a message. She’s funny and chatty, and she joins the guys at the table for a round of drinks.

About 10 past 10, Bruno tentatively walks down the stairs, looking all around the bar room. Seeing none of the gravin’s party there, he shouts the barman for a mug of ale and tells him to ‘keep ’em coming’ and sits down at the table with the two coachman. A few minutes later, the arm wrestling starts again.

Werner’s had a few beers now and fancies his chances. After Bruno slams down the arm of one of the coachmen, Werner heads over. “At last! Some competition maybe!” Shouts Bruno and the coachman stands aside.

Everyone gathers round as Werner and Bruno roll up their sleeves and lock hands.

Staring each other in the eyes, they go at it. No arms move and it’s tense. Werner’s arm starts to faulter and the crowd gasps, but he gradually moves it back to upright. Everyone starts cheering and Bruno’s hand goes back. Both men are sweating with veins bulging.

Werner then feels a slight wobble on Bruno’s arm and goes for max power. He goes over the top with his fist forward and slams Bruno’s arm down. The pub erupts with cheering and much back slapping and mug clanging takes place. Bruno is the first to congratulate and orders a round for everyone. He commends Werner on his power.

“Hah, I reckon I could beat you,” shouts Ursula to Bruno, putting five gold crowns on the table.
“Well let’s see,” he says.

Ursula sits down and the crowd regathers. Bruno let’s his arm go down a bit with a smile, but he’s being gentle with the lady. He applies some power and the contest begins in earnest. Neither move and sweat breaks out on Bruno’s forehead. It’s evenly matched until Ursula’s arm wavers and Bruno slowly but surely forces her arm to the table. More cheering backslapping takes place and Ursula and Bruno laugh it off.
Spirits are high and the idea of bed is postponed while everyone sits in one big group.

A tray of drinks is brought to Bruno who offers them round and everyone grabs one.

A short while later, Durak, who is sat next to Bruno slumps down onto the table unconscious. Bruno laughs and makes comment about dwarves supposed to be able to hold their drink.
Immediately the party is suspicious, Durak likes a beer and he’s never done this before – there’s something wrong with the drink. Gnoblar sniffs it, yep, somethings not right. Wandy then spots one of the barstaff looking worried, he immediately leaves the pub through the main door.

One of the priests comes downstairs and talks to the landlord. A few coins change hands.
As soon as he leaves, Ursula stands and goes to talk to the barman. A few more coins change hands and she comes back to the table.

One of the gravins party, who was earlier wearing a wig and gown, comes down in his nightshirt and orders a brandy.
One of the three, of the first three people to enter the inn, goes upstairs and the lawyer looking person goes back upstairs too. The other guys friends the head upstairs too.

Rowlocks, Wandy and Gnoblar want to go to bed. Werner doesn’t, but he reluctantly heads upstairs. They grab Durak and carry him upstairs.

They’re in the corridor in the opposite wing to the gravin’s party and they split into two rooms. Durak, Wandy and Werner in one and Rowlocks and Gnoblar in the other. Werner stands outside the room for a few moments to survey the scene. Durak’s flat out already and everyone else gets comfy.

From down the corridor, raised voices can be heard. As Werner heads down to have a listen they abruptly stop.
As he’s walking down the main corridor, a door opens and the brandy drinking lawyer pops his head out stating that he heard something. Werner agrees and he goes back in his room and shuts the door.

As Werner turns the corner he bumps into the man who was with the lady earlier. He turns to a hushed voice and asks Werner, being the ‘adventuring type’ would do him a favour? Head into the dormitory and find a man called Hans Empresser, and ask him to call at his room, with 10gc for the trouble. Werner considers this and accepts.

He heads back down and through the bar, just as Ursula heads out the main door. He asks around in the dorm and finds Empresser.

On the way to the stairs, Werner stops and talks to the man, questioning him on what is going on. He doesn’t want to say and Werner suggests he may be in danger and maybe he should pay Werner to stand guard as he goes in the room. This worries Empresser and he begins to open up after much negotiating.
It seems that the man is from a rich family and is having an illicit affair with a lady from a rival family. Empresser knows this and wanted to ‘speak to him’ about it. This gives Werner even more persasive power and adds to his case of protection. Empresser agrees and heads to the room.

Werner hangs back then stands outside the door where he can hear voices.

As he does, one of the gravin’s servants comes to Gnoblar and Rowlocks’ room, knocks and requests him to come and speak to Rechstandler, the lawyer. Gnoblat thinks for a moment, the says OK. He leaves the doorway and follows the servant, but not before heading down the corridor and grabbing Werner to come with him.

Not far from his own room, he knocks on the door. In short, the lawyer is being blackmailed by the people in another room. Could Gnoblar and his colleagues murder them for 250 gold?

It’s a significant amount and Gnoblar and Werner arn’t sure what to make of the situation, but they don’t want to do it. Gnoblar explains that he is not a murderer and thanks but no thanks.

They exit the room and Gnoblar goes back to bed and Werner heads back to where Empresser and the bloke are.

Outside the room, all is quiet, no voices.
I thinks for a moment and knocks on the door. The man, who we now know to be having an affair, asks what he wants.

He insists that no one is in the room with him and as Werner begins to argue, saying he knows there is a great noise can be heard coming from downstairs. It starts with hammering and turns to shouting.

Werner goes to the top of the stairs to listen. There’s a group of loud drunk men inside and they are demanding to know where someone is. The innkeeper says he’s not here, but apparently his coach is parked outside. Sounds of brawling can be heard in the bar.
As Werner heads back to finish his conversation, two thugs head upstairs and they’re going to breakdown every door till they find Friedrich! The main instigator is a large, very drunk man and he is now upstairs.

They’re at the door opposite Rowlocks and Gnoblar and they break it down, don’t find what they’re looking for and move to the next one. Werner heads back to that end of the pub.
Gnoblar suggests they open the room door so they can see he’s not there and Rowlocks opens the door, they snarl and look in and head next door to where Wandy and Durak are.

Werner turns up and tells them to back off. Punches fly and the thugs start on Werner. A couple of the inns workers join in and there’s people everywhere. The fight sends one of the thugs and a servant slamming through the door and onto the floor of Wandy’s room as Werner knocks out the one outside. Werner hasn’t had a fight for a while and he is well oiled and still armored. He quickly overpowers the remaining drunk man and drags him downstairs.

In the bar, the rest of the patrons have overpowered the other two thugs and they’re all thrown to the floor. The man is Thomas Pramhandler and he is looking for his Mrs that he suspects is here with someone. The innkeeper has had enough of them and they are bound, locked in the cellar and will be given to the roadwardens the next day.

This is probably the man Empresser went to see. Armed with his new information, Werner goes back upstairs to confront him.

He answers the door. Werner explains that he knows of the affair and what’s happening and asks where Empresser is. Schmidt let’s Werner in and he looks round, but he’s right, he’s not there. Werner insists he walked him there, but Schmidt explains that he left. Werner is suspicious, but leaves him for now and heads back to the room. Before he takes his armor off, he hears a muffled but violent arguement. He heads back into the corridor. Everyone else has been trying to get some sleep but it’s not going well.
There’s nothing outside.

Just then, from another room in the corridor in front, loud bangs can be heard.

It’s the room with the initiates of Morr, and thinking of the coffin, Werner gets everyone up before he investigates and by the time they get there the innkeeper is already there. He insists there’s no problem, and the priests already told him there could be some noise as they had to conduct some services over the body during the night.

Before they knock, everything goes quiet. The innkeeper knocks on the door, and one of the priests answers, apologises for the noise and insists that they will remain quiet for the rest of the night.

Inside the room, two initiates sit upon another. The one at the door explains that his brother sometimes has ‘spasms’ due to his connections to ‘the other side’. This makes him an excellent priest of Morr, but can be inconvenient. He shuts the door. The landlord looks at the adventurers all puzzled, says, “whatever next” and suggests everyone goes to bed, it’s been a long night already.

Everyone agrees and retires for the night.

It’s about twenty past twelve and everyone’s dozing is abruptly cut short. A loud scream can be heard from down the corridor towards the gravin’s wing. When the adventurers arrive, they find servants and others crowded round the door of Bruno’s room. He’s been found dead with a dagger buried in his back. Everyone in the inn is summoned to the bar room.

This roll call also leads to more bodies being discovered. Empresser is dead, the lawyer is dead and a servant is missing.

The innkeeper states that a murderer is on the loose and advises everyone to lock themselves in their rooms until the roadwardens appear tomorrow.

Before everyone leaves, the Gravin displays the dagger that killed Bruno.
Once held aloft it looks familiar. One of the inns staff says, “didn’t he have a dagger like that?” And points at Wandy. It’s true, Wandy does have a dagger just like that, and to make it worse, it’s not on his belt where it usually is. Hushed whispers echo round the bar as Wandy says – “I didn’t kill him!”.
Ursula looks puzzled, the gnome and halfling and everyone else look shocked. And everyone stares at Wandy.

The Gravin then speaks.
“I am authorised by my aunt, to exercise her imperial right to dispense common justice. Therefore, I rule that the party be locked in their rooms without armor and weapons, with guards placed outside their window and door, until the morning, when I shall decide further on a course of events.”
“However, you…. ‘big man’”, she points at Werner, “I sentence you to replace my murdered champion until it should please me otherwise.”

Our heroes all look at each other and consider their options. There’s too many to fight, the pub would lynch them. With their options dwindling, they reluctantly agree, insisting that there’s been a mistake.

Men-at-arms swarm the group and march them upstairs to relieve them of their weapons and armor. Rowlocks, Wandy and Gnoblar are locked in the room with Durak, and Werner is led to Bruno’s room and locked in. The latest dead bodies are handed to the priests to watch over. Everyone goes to bed.

Rowlocks, Wandy and Gnoblar think how to get out of the situation, consider trying to escape and various other plans, but they can’t agree on a decent exit strategy. Once more, they’re in the shit.

About 30 minutes into discussions, the door opens. The gravin wants to talk to them.

Rowlocks, Gnoblar and Wandy are reunited with Werner in the corridor and they’re taken to the gravins room.

“I’m sorry that it was necessary to lock you up, it seemed like the easiest way to calm everyone down. I believe you to be innocent, no one would be stupid enough to leave their own dagger as a clue. Anyway, we have till dawn to discover who killed Bruno. I’m sure that Danmerblatz is behind this. I’m heading to Middenheim to fight a lawsuit against him. If I’m right, his agents will try to kill my new champion,” she gives a wry smile, “but this time you will be waiting for them. You’ll lock yourself in Bruno’s room. I’ll let you get a weapon each, I don’t want you trying to make a break foe it do we? I’ll leave the guards outside your room for appearances. Let’s get moving, there isn’t much of the night left.”

The party grabs a weapon, heads back to Bruno’s room and sits in the dark trying not to fall asleep.

Time passes…

The drinking, the travelling and the staying awake takes it’s toll and nearly everyone falls asleep, but not Wandy..

About 2am, Wandy hears scraping from the chimney, Gnoblar’s awake too. No one moves. Werner is asleep on the bed and Rowlocks has dozed off in the chair. Through the half light, a figure can be seen dropping down from the chimney and lightly stepping onto the hearth. With his night vision, Gnoblar can clearly make out one of the inn workers delicately tip toeing through the room with a knife.

Gnoblar launches forward to grab him, but stumbles and misses. Rowlocks wakes and instantly attempts to grapple the intruder, but he’s also unlucky and doesn’t manage to get him. Knowing the game is up, the inn worker runs back towards the chimney. He’s fast and he’s crouching ready to jump up.

There’s one last chance before he vanishes, and Wandy leaps forward at full stretch, aiming for the guys trailing ankle. He slides across the floor, closes his eyes at the last second and his finger tips brush the assassins legs. His magic touch sends the intruder straight to sleep.

Werner wakes and the gravins men-at-arms burst into the room. They throw the adventurers a smile, ‘nice work’. They set about binding and gagging the man.
The gravin enters – “I knew it!” She says, “I can’t thank you enough”

After more thanks, the weary bunch head back to their rooms ready to meet with the gravin in the morning.

In the morning they head down for breakfast and are greeted by the thankful Gravin. Everyone is present, apart from Ursula who has disappeared during the night. They pull up at the gravins table.

She thanks them for their involvement, and thanks Werner for standing in as a would be champion for the night. “Unless, of course, ‘big man’, you would like to actually represent me as my real judicial champion? At the trial in Middenheim in a few days? You look like you can handle yourself. I will pay you a daily fee for your employment and a bonus if you win?”

Werner considers this. He’s been looking for new career options for a while now and this might be just what he needs. Also, fighting for a living, that’s right up his street.
But what about his friends? The gravin says they can join her retinue as extra protection for the remaining journey to Middenheim, but after that, they’re on their own. We’ll see about Werner after the trial.

Werner accepts and everyone gathers their things, loads up the waggon and joins the train of coaches carts.

That was a rough night at the Three Feathers.

A few days later and the waggon pulls into the valley below Middenheim and through the trees, up on the mountain, the towering fortress city of the White Wolf can be seen ahead.

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