The Enemy Within

Session 5

Shadows over Bogenhafen


We rejoin our heroes in the dead of the night, under the cover of darkness as they stand inside the Steinhager offices, in the main office, after breaking in and finding the secret door. They decide a swift exit is required and they slip out into the side street, covering the tracks of their criminal activities.

With no base or inn, and wanting to keep a very low profile they head east back to the Crossed Lance’s to see if their mate Frans at the thieves guild will put them up for the night. Paying over the odds they manage to secure a room and get some rest.

The next morning over breakfast, heavy discussions take place while the team plot what direction to take, which leads to follow and what to do. This proves difficult and many different possibilities are mulled over.

Eventually, Gnoblar suggests that they head to the main square and seek out the madman doom sayer they had heard about the other day.
They had passed through the square a few times recently but not seen a madman, but today he was in full swing and easy to spot.
After listening and taking note of his ravings from afar they decide to approach. He looks through the groups faces, fixes his glare on Werner and states “the mark is upon you bringer of chaos!” Before looking terrified and running through the crowd.
Luckily Rowlocks is able to track him and they give pursuit only to see him just hop on the ferry to the pit at the last moment. The guys wait for the next ferry.

Once in the pit they immediately feel and look out of place in the slums. They ask some of the locals about the distinct looking madman but are met with distrust and suspicion and no one wants to talk to them.
They decide to head to an inn to try their old favourite trick of greasing the palms of the innkeeper.
The Frogs Head is officially the biggest shithole in the whole of the Empire but they have a pint and manage to loosen the lips of the staff and find the whereabouts of the madmans hovel and head there immediately.
Our team cautiously surround the hovel and Werner knocks the door. No answer so they push it open and head in. They find the madman facedown in his pad with a missing throat and flee the area not wanting to be incriminate.
From the pit the guys head back across the river and go to check out the warehouse where Richter told them the goblin had been found.

A knock on the warehouse door brings the door keep and they lie saying they have been sent by Richter to enquire. He regales them with his epic tale of bravery and how he clubbed the goblin to death, they ask a few more questions and he asks them to leave. They snoop around the outside of the warehouse just to see if there is anything out of the ordinary, which there doesnt seem to be.
Pondering what to do next, frustration begins to set in and they decide that a scrawny alcoholic would be the ideal person to rough up and they knock on the warehouse door again.
Alchoholic Anton answers and an arguement ensues ending with Anton telling them to “check the fucking warehouse yourself then” Finding nothing, our “heroes” decide to beat him up. All 4 pin him down but he sticks to his story. Werner pulls a blade and sticks it to his throat and after a nick of blood he spills the beans telling them that Richter put him up to it.

Armed with this information the gang storm back east through the town, through the hustle and bustle of the final day of Schaffenfest to the festival court.
Outside the court, they see the armed court guards and re-evaluate there plan and decide to go see Doc Malthusius instead.
Hes happy to see them and they have some pipes and brandy while they catch him up to events. The only thing the Doc has found out is that, when asking about the Ordo Septenarius, is that anyone making enquiries is to be sent to see Councillor Magirius at the Merchants guild. They head there straight away.

After a short wait at the Merchants guild they are lead in to see Magirius. He listens to what they have to say but insists he doesnt have time to speak to them right now and they arrange a dinner date at the plush Golden Trout for later where Magirius ensures them he will clear the matter up.

The team dont get dressed for dinner and head to the nicest place in town. After a delicious feast and a few drinks Magiruis explains the ordos charity based activities and explains why they insist on secrecy. Not believing a word of it, they enjoy their date and say goodbye to Magiruis.
Rowlocks tails Magirius and the others tail Rowlocks back to the Adel ring. The adventurers notice him drop a small note detailing a meeting to take place tonight at Teugans house.

Its stake out time as the guys inconspicuously hang about in the Adel ring dodging watch patrols and laying low. They see Magirius leave and head to Teugans along with other posh looking folk. Werner is concerned that something big is happening and they evaluate storming the building. The bodyguards, guards and watch patrols, along with cautious words from Rowlocks lead the adventurers to continue to stake out Teugans.

After the meeting they follow Magiruis home and hide in the park all through the night taking turns to guard and watch the house.
In the morning they are approached by a servant of Magiruis and they are quietly ushered to a secluded part of the garden.
Magirius has bottled it, no longer wants any part of Teugans plans and doesnt want people to die. He pleads with the team to stop the ritual and they go their separate ways with Magirius promising to contact them later of the details of where the new ritual is to be held.

Sensing the impending doom and being scared of the moon, the gang head to the merchants quarter to stash up on things they will need for a big fight. They buy helmets and spend time trying to acquire rare goods which they dont manage.
In the late afternoon they get word from Magirius messenger to come immediately to see him. They head straight over.


The servant shows them in and they head into the office.
A gruesome sight greets them, Magirius is freshly dead and as they are trying to look at the scrawled message written in his own blood as he lay dieing they hear the servant shouting for the watch as a murder has taken place. The servant materialises in the room to take the piss for a moment and then vanishes.
It doesnt look good and the guys have most certainly been framed. They quickly weigh up their options and leg it out the  back door as the watch come in the front. Hiding at the backdoor they are confronted by a 10 foot wall. The watch begin to turn over the house.
Panic sets in as they look for an escape route when Werner suddenly remembers hes good at climbing.
They head across the garden to the back wall and the watch spot them through the window and give chase.
Werner skillfully climbs the wall and then hoiks Rowlocks up to join him as a 4 man watch patrol burst out the back door. Both Gnoblar and Wandy jump to grab Werners hand and both fall to the ground as the watch are literally feet away. One last chance. Both Rowlocks and Werner lean down to help their companions and in a last ditch attempt at freedom Gnoblar and Wandy leap and ‘just’ manage to grab hold. They are pulled up the wall as the hands of the law slip inches away from their boots.

Bogenhafens most wanted sprint for their lives as the watch begin to raise the alarm and step up the pursuit.
The chase is on and watch patrols appear all over as the companions weave through the streets of Bogenhafen using all their luck and cunning, narrowly avoiding arrest.

Puzzled by their cryptic message from Magiruis they once again head to the Crossed Lance’s to see if Frans knows what it could mean.
At the pub, Frans explains that it’s a common abbreviation of Warehouse.
Now with a location for the ritual identified they attempt to make their way across town.
They dont get very far before they see a burning building in the distance. Bizarrely, round the corner, comes, what appears to be an exact copy of Gnoblar, who grins and runs off. Following him are an angry mob who are accusing him of torching the building. The party try to hide Gnoblar from the mob but he is spotted and once again the guys are being chased thro the towns streets. They gain ground as the mob inform the watch and now it seems everyone is after our heroes.

Ducking and diving back the way they come they head towards the manhole cover where they first entered the sewers. Figuring they would be spotted, they once again head to the Crossed Lance’s to seek aid from the thieves guild.
With half the town after them, Frans is less than impressed, but offers to shelter them for a completely extortionate small fortune. With the pressure on and all hell breaking loose they reluctantly agree to pay and are led to the safe room.

With the clock ticking they leave the pub through the sewer door and retrace their steps to the temple they found.
With only a minor mishap, leaving Werner covered in shit and piss, they find the temple completely empty.
From here our companions head north toward the Ostendamm with the intention of heading to the warehouse.
They emerge from the sewers near the river and head to check out both warehouses as they dont know which one is the right one.

They conclude that the one with the cleared space at the front, with the sign of the red rose must be the place. With the building empty, they sneak inside and hide amongst the crates

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