The Enemy Within

Session 11

Money for nothing


Rowlocks surveys the scene and considereds his next move – there’s a lot to take in. The basement is carnage. Battles rage all round, bodies line the floor and the flagstones are slick with blood and mess.

Seeing Gnobar on his last legs going toe to toe with the horrific man with no actual face, he storms into the melee and lands a blow into the mutants side.
This gives Gnoblar his chance, his adversary is distracted as he turns to absorb the blow from Rowlocks. Gnoblar pulls back from danger and heads to the back of the room to start reloading his crossbow.

On the other side of the room, the roadwarden slams his weapon into Werner’s leg and the blade just manages to penetrate his armor causing a slight wound.

Wandy sees his opportunity, the guy with flesh dripping from his face has turned to fight Rowlocks, but hes stumbling all over. It’s a slim chance but he could finish him off! He readies his sword and charges him from behind.
KADOOSH! He manages to bury his sword between the mutants shoulder blades and he staggers forward and slumps to the ground – No Face Killer!!

The blue horror demon is in a frenzy and launches himself at the guy with the bulging eyes, he misses.

Goggle eyes has had enough, his mates are down, a demons on his case and things aren’t looking good. He tries to flee the demon, the demon swings as he runs but misses and big eyes runs behind Rowlocks up the steps.

Werner pulls an almighty swing of his axe at the roadwarden, it powers straight through his defences, through his leg amputating it immediately, the axe head carries on travelling due to Werners strength and goes up into his groin – he dies instantaneously of shock, trauma and blood loss and falls to the ground in pieces.

The demon looks round, he has a choice of targets, after a moment he runs snarling at Werner. He slashes him with his ridiculously long arms. Werner’s shield deflects some of the blow and his chain mail vest soaks up the rest.

Rowlocks turns to bulbous eyes to stop his escape and slashes him in the side, hes severely wounded.
Gnoblar fires his crossbow like he’s never shot one before and it completely misses everyone and everything.

Werner takes his blood stained axe to the advancing blue horror and takes a chunk out of him, but it’s still going.

Wandy, keen to enhance his kill streak, takes his sword and charges the demon. Miraculously, he yet again, makes contact with his blade. The demon swirls into a puff of smoke and leaves the dimension. Battle wizard.

Everyone is wounded, Gnoblar is heavily wounded and Reni is unconscious. All the bad guys are down except bug eyes.
He doesnt fancy his chances and is looking at the exit.

The party decide that they should interrogate him and before they can get any further he bolts to the door.

Rowlocks instinctively attacks as bug eyes tries to sidestep him. Before he knows it, he’s put his sword through his ribcage and he falls to the floor in bits. The rest of the party stare blankly at him for a second. He is no longer available for questioning.

It’s over. The place is a blood bath. Everyone takes stock.

Doc Gnoblar gets his medical bag out and starts bandaging and considers the surgical procedures required to sort out himself and Reni. He’s not been in the trade long and he can’t quite work it out.
Everyone else goes to untie the hostages.

There are four still tied up, and they are quickly freed but they are dopey, acting wierd and look terrified. They guy Wandy released earlier seems a but more with it but he’s still a gibbering mess.

The basement shrine isn’t the biggest of rooms, and there are now eleven dead bodies scattered around, body parts everywhere and large pools of blood – everyones keen to get out. Before they leave they search the place. They find a locked crate and small potion in a bag under a flagstone.

Unsure of what may be above, they carefully gather the hostages and creep their way back into the main pub.

They are relieved to find the place empty, everyone heads to the main lounge and begins to collapse onto the sofas and chairs. The wounded are laid down and everyone helps themselves to brandy. What a day this has been.

Gnoblar does his best to sort everyone’s wounds although its proving tricky. Wandy tries to magically unlock the box but he cant quite do it, he’s low on power.

After a while of rest, reflection and brandy the hostages start to come round. They have saved Thomas, whose inn this is, his wife, two servants and a coachman. Thomas and the others are extremely grateful. They definitely would not still be alive if it wasn’t for the intervention.

Everyone’s tired, wounded, traumatised, and generally fucked up. All the doors are checked and secured. The basement is locked and secured and everyone gets themselves a bed for the evening. The storm is still raging outside and everyone is quickly asleep. All except Werner, who sees flashbacks of the void from earlier, strange images, echo through his mind.

The next morning the sun breaks through and a hearty breakfast is served. Thomas explains that he doesn’t know what happened. The day before a bloke came in, the one whose now dressed as a roadwarden, and stayed for a few hours and had food and drinks. The next thing they knew is that they were tied up in the basement.
Thomas can’t thank them enough and reassures them that when the roadwardens come past tomorrow they will be able to explain everything and it will be fine.

The guys consider this prospect while they go check if the boats alright. The boats ok, and better still Elvis has found his way onto it. What next?
Being wanted in Aldorf and having general trust issues with the law, they decide that they definitely don’t want to be there when the roadwardens arrive tomorrow and they decide to go discuss this with Thomas.

Back in the bar, Reni is resting and everyone else is sitting quietly.
Wandy tries again to open the box and, seeing as he’s had a good sleep, the locking mechanism proves not to be a problem.

They open the box and it contains a substantial amount of cash, few hundred gold at least. Thomas, his wife and the coachman look wide eyed at the contents and the party quickly shut the box and decide that they earnt it.

Thomas does not like the new plan where the adventurers leave and he has to explain it to the roadwardens. How would he even explain it? It’s crazy, why not just stay and tell them what happened? Rowlocks tells him they are wanted men, they’ve saved the life of everyone here and the least they could do was not mention anything about them.

Thomas is beside himself, he doesn’t want to do it at all. Our heroes then decide that maybe he could be persuaded with some of the cash they just acquired. Haggling takes place, the gang take a bit of pity on him, and a sum is arranged and the plan is set.
Thomas, his wife and the others would do their best to make up a cover story and the guys would set sail on the Jolly Nobber long before the roadwardens are due.

The guys say their goodbyes, get packed up, grab Reni and head to the boat. While everyones clearing the barge of storm debris and making ready, Gnoblar wants to check the nearby forest for herbs and Werner goes with him.

On their way back from foraging, they both catch sight of a couple of shadows on the edge of their vision through the trees. They head back to the Jolly Nobber.
The lurking shadowy figures give the party a nervous edge and they spend the next hour or so searching the woods all around but to no avail.

It’s getting late in the afternoon now and the general consensus is – let’s get out of here. The Jolly Nobber is ship shape and they push back out onto the Reik and head towards Kemperbad.

They’ve had some heavy nights in the pub before but last night was something else. A day and a half of uneventful river travel is just what everyone needs and they relax, recoup and heal.

They arrive at the engineered cliff top trade town of Kemperbad and are pleased to be back to civilisation.
On the wharfside they witness the pomp and fanfare of the arrival of an imperial plenipotentiary.

Reni, whose still recovering, stays aboard with Elvis and the rest head up the lifts into town for beers, food, shopping and potential career changes.

Passing through the market, Werner, or should I say, Kastor, is pulled to the side by a shifty looking character and a warning is delivered. He needs to deliver or there will be consequences. This is all very confusing but he catches the others up and they crack on.

Shields are bought, armor is ordered, they browse the markets for some bits and Gnoblar hits the herbalist stall.

It’s a lovely spring day now, the town is bustling and for once the team is relaxed.

Werner decides he’s had enough of body guarding and heads to the city watch offices to see if there’s any bounties about. There is, a rogue creature is terrorising travellers east out of Kemperbad. Hmmm, bounty hunting, this might be right up his street…

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