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In the midst of a global pandemic, 5 middle-aged friends set off on an epic journey full of intrigue, adventure and danger.

This is ‘The Enemy Within’ 1st edition WFRP.
Ed as Johann ‘Rowlocks’ Dassbut
Harry as Wandy Warmduscher
Gaz as Gnoblar the Scraplauncher
Pee as Werner ‘Pickaxe’ Murrmann
Patsoir as the GM.

Set in ‘The old world’, The Empire is reminiscent of renaissance Europe. Gunpowder and the printing press are new inventions, the old and the new world meet.

Dark, gritty, with mature themes and British black humor. It’s a bit like Monty Python made Lord of the Rings.

What will become of our heroes?

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The Enemy Within

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